Pixie Crunch and

Hey guys,
First time grower here, looking at planting 2 semi-dwarf apple trees and 1 peach tree. I’m in zone 6B. I’ve done a lot of research. I am looking for as little maintenance as possible. I am set on one Pixie Crunch tree and looking for another good pollinator that is disease resistant for this variety. I was looking at Liberty, but see conflicting reports pollinating with Pixie Crunch. I am open to suggestions to other apple trees that cross-pollinate with Pixie Crunch? Also a semi-dwarf freestone Peach tree? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

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Zone 6 in what state?

If you are in the east coast, peach is not as easy to grow as apples or pears, generally speaking.

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Wichita, Kansas

Thoughts on Suncrisps paired with a Pixie Crunch?

Suncrisp is a good variety, mine is only three years old, and produced a few apples last year. Good flavor and crisp texture. Goldrush is very good too, more tart off the tree, but sweetens in storage. It’s a long keeper, lasts well into spring. Either one would pollinate Pixie Crunch.

For peach recommendations, Mark (@Olpea) grows them commercially near KC, perhaps he could comment.

For other apples that pollinate PC, check out this site, it lists many varieties of apples, and shows their pollination period. PC is in group 4, as is Goldrush, Suncrisp is in group 3.


I found Pixie Crunch a bit too sweet for my tastes. The tree wasn’t particularly vigorous or productive and succumbed to disease.

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Thoughts on Crimsoncrisp and Goldrush combo?

First, you need to consider the taste and texture of apples you like to eat. Other people taste may not be what you like.

Do you like sweet apples like Fuji, Honey Crisp, etc. Do you like tart apples? Or balanced ones?

Do you like crunchy like Honey Crisp or softer like Delicious apples?

Do you want to spray, a little, a lot or not at all.

Do you only consider disease resistant apples? Luckily, there are several diseased resistant varieties but most are not resistant to every diseases. Some are scab resistant, some are apple cedarcrust resistant, etc. almost none are insect resistant.

You need to consider bloom time in addition to pollen compatibility. You need two that bloom will overlap; otherwise, they can’t cross pollinate.

Do you have any apple orchard near you. What kind of apples grow well in your area?


We like sweet to sweet/tart, crisp texture. Honeycrisp is our “go-to” store bought apple. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty, but prefer low maintenance, disease-resistant trees. I’m thinking either Pixie Crunch/Suncrisp combo or Crimsoncrisp/goldrush combo. But open to other suggestions, because I am a rookie at this.

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Pixie is small. If you can fine a bigger apple that taste similar, you may want to choose it over Pixie.

I grow a new apple called Crunch a Bunch sold by Gurney. It is very similar to Gold Rush but ripens earlier. I really like it. I also have Gold Rush so I can compare them. Nice balance sweet/tart. It ripens in Oct for me (could be late Sept if my tree had more sun). My GR ripens in Nov.and often not fully where I am, zone 6a.

You can get another apple that ripens in early Sept to go along. Most of apples I like are Sept/Oct apples.

Have you seen this thread?



This contradicts the timing with the OrangePippin Fruit Trees chart, I am having a hard time deciding what to do. Would I be ok pairing the PC with a Crimson Crisp?

The Purdue website says “flowers midseason after
‘Golden Delicious’.” For the crimson crisp. The Orange Pippin site say Pollination group #3, which by my research seems early. Any guidance would be appreciated.

PC is in group 4, CC is in group 3 according to the site I posted. It’s hard to say exactly when a tree will bloom. But, I believe if it’s in group 4, then a tree in group 3 or 5 would work.

I see that, this is why I am so confused. In the Grandpa’s orchard chart it has Crimsoncrisp as 5-Very late bloomers and the purdue website, where it was developed I believe, says after the Golden delicious, which is group 4 on the Orange pippin chart. Am I overthinking this? I just don’t want to go through all of this trouble and not have any apples to show for it.

Sometimes we just have to go on faith that “Things will work out somehow.” That, and there are lots of ways to get from A to B, (and don’t forget those fortuitous happenings, like a neighbor’s crab apple that does the job for you!)

Few apples don’t overlap at all in bloom so it is mainly that you don’t want to get a super early and a super late. And you wouldl still probably get apples from something else in the neighborhood that is blooming.

If you like crisp sweet/tart I would definitely get a Suncrisp. It is also a more kid friendly apple, GoldRush can be a bit too tart or hard-fleshed for kids’ liking.

I’ve closely been monitoring my trees to see when they bloom. None have yet, but are pushing out fruit buds to different degrees. It looks like Zestar and Alkmene are closest right now, and that makes sense as A is in group 2, and Z group 1. But, my Roxbury Russet looks like it’s about to pop its buds too, and it’s in group 4. So, who knows if it’s what it’s supposed to be.

Like Scott said, Suncrisp is a very good apple. For me it’s been very vigorous, and bore a couple apples in two years after planting. Crimson Crisp would be a good apple, too. And both of them are in group 3.

Leap of faith! I think Suncrisp or Pixie Crunch and Crimson Crisp it is, any doubters please speak up now before I order. I appreciate all of the help!

Suncrisp has been one of the worst performers for me, however I don’t believe that’s the apples fault, more like a questionable tree in one of my worst locations.

I’m not too familiar with the rootstocks? Should I grab one of these?


Or go with a potted plant like one of these?

What do y’all think?