Pixie Crunch at Rural King


I wonder if the tree is a child of Honeycrisp or of Frostbite? In either case, if you like real sweet and smallish apples, looks like a good one.

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$24.99. And I get extra scion wood :grinning:


According to cumminsnursery.com
“Pixie Crunch (Co-op 33) is a small, full-red apple that ripens around the first week of September. Pixie Crunch is immune to apple scab, fairly resistant to fire blight, but suscepible to cedar apple rust. It is crisp and juicy, and flavor is excellent, Dr. Jules Janick, horticulturalist at Purdue University said. It has a terrific flavor. People tell me its their favorite apple. Small it may be, but Janick doesnt see that as an insurmountable problem, as he thinks it would be suitable for children and a good variety for U-pick operations. I think a smaller apple could go, he said. Apples get too big. Who wants to eat an apple that weights half a pound? Mitch Lynd of Lynd Fruit Farm near Pataskala, Ohio, said Pixie Crunch has a better flavor than Honeycrisp and is much sweeter, but is barely half the size. The big disadvantage of small fruit size is the cost of picking is high and the retail grocery trade doesnt want a small apple, he said. But they are out of touch with what consumers want. There’s an awful lot of older people who don’t want a great big apple. They prefer a small-sized apple in fact, smaller than they could buy in the supermarket. Small apples mean lower yields, but Lynd said that growers who sell directly to the public, and are price makers rather than price takers, can set their prices to offset the low yields with higher margins. We dont worry about small size, he said. Pixie Crunch is the ideal apple for us for a niche-apple marketing slot where were providing something they can’t find anywhere else. Its too early to say whether there is going to be a consumer stampede to get that one, but the preliminary indications are very favorable. The harvesting window is about 3 weeks with fruit retaining its crispness, which leads to flexible marketing opportunities. General Recommendation: Exceptionally crisp, breaking flesh texture and excellent quality suggests this apple has use for home gardens and local fruit stands despite its commercial drawbacks. PIXIE CRUNCH (PP13871 TRADEMARK REGISTERED BY PURDUE UNIVERSITY) IS A PATENTED VARIETY AND ANY / ALL SUBSEQUENT PROPAGATION IS RESTRICTED. UPON PURCHASE THE BUYER AGREES NOT TO RESELL, GIVE AWAY OR OTHERWISE DISTRIBUTE TREES OR PROPAGATION MATERIAL TO ANY THIRD PARTY.”

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Didya get it? What else did they have, anything noteworthy or interesting?

We are going to town in a few days, we might to stop by the local RK…

Looks like it’s still on patent:


I did, and cut a couple stray limbs cleaned it up a bit so extra grafting wood. They had several trees I was interested in but didn’t have my truck. Persimmons was one I thought about. Contender, Wonderful, Redhaven, Elberta peaches. Pears and plums and many Cherries. Sorry didn’t get the names. $24.99- 29.99.


Thanks, we’ll stop by and check them out. But, after grafting 3 more apples to rootstocks yesterday, I prob don’t need more apples!

I did pick up a Hinnomaki Red gooseberry plant at Tractor Supply yesterday tho. I bought the wife some onion sets to even it out…

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It’s a Bob thing.


Big thumb!! BOB

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I have a co-worker that goes to Lynd Ochard and said Pixie Crunch was great for her kids and asked me if I had any. Well I will in the future. Thanks for the info.

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I was interested in trying out Pixie Crunch. Maybe I’ll visit the Rural Kings in my area to try one out.