Is this Peach Leaf Curl? Looks sporadic on this Glenglo tree.

I don’t see any?? MY PLC makes leaves sort of look like they have big bubbles and they discolor more and don’t reach full length.

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Here are some links with pics.

Agreed. Reddish bubbles with curling.

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The new growth is a little “curled” but not red.

Sorry, I was brief and confusing.

I agree with @thecityman that there are bubbles. And as in the pictures posted by @mroot, the bubbly, afflicted leaves are often red. And curled.

Yours don’t have PLC.

Those mild curls at the tip of the branch look like normal new growth to me. Common that new growth near the branch tip are small and curled. They will open up as they age.

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What’s this? I actually wonder if it’s burn from sprays.

What did you spray that you think may have caused this?

Bonide (carbaryl, malathion, captan)

Any other sprays applied weeks earlier?


Hmmm. I have had similar issues. I thought it was due to the Bonide (Fruit Tree Spray) prior to or following applications of sulphur. Now I am not so sure, given that you are seeing the same thing with the Fruit Tree Spray all by itself. Another consideration is trying to spray this stuff under fast drying conditions to limit opportunity for burns.
Here is something I posted when I originally encountered issues:

Looks like bacterial spot to me.

I’m not a huge fan of the product, but it’s pretty much the only thing I can find around here.

It looks like spray damage with the burns and herbicide damage with the leaf curling

That particular spray burned some plants for me last year.

@SpokanePeach I used the Bonide spray with sulfur and pyrethrins without issue on my stone fruit trees this year. It can burn young fig leaves if too concentrated though.

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