Plum leaves curled - but no aphids?

I’m seeing curled leaves on my plum grafts. I thought it was frost damage because I grafted so early and they got hit with a mild frost but now I’m not so sure.

This is a mutli-graft plum and the other 3 varieties grafted this year are fine, only the Satsuma grafts are showing this.

I found this prior thread and my own searches suggest that it might be ‘Leaf Curl Plum Aphid’ but I don’t see any signs of insects.

Any other ideas?

It does look like aphids, have you looked inside of the curled leaves? It could be that ladybugs got them if you were lucky.

My plum trees were hit badly by aphids this year, they even went on to the apricots. I ended up applying tanglefoot on the trunks to keep the ants from farming them, seems to have reduced the damage since.

Immature plum leaves can curl like that… very common. They will grow out of it.


Thanks, I saw a thread about the witches broom virus thing and started freaking out that it wouldn’t spread to the rest of the tree.

@fruitfruit its also unlikely to be aphids because this curly leaf appearance was showing up as soon as the grafted scion started leafing out - well before any aphids could possibly be awake.

My Satsuma has some leaves like that right now. I blamed all the late frosts we’ve had. It had very normal leaves all lst year. A nearby J plum has perfectly normal leaves though. Now that aphids are mentioned, I have seen lots of ladybugs on it…

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