Plum/plumcot unidentified

I purchased this in vancouver a few years ago labelled as a “plumcot” from USA. Does it resemble a variety you know?..i no longer remember the exact taste but it was delicious and juicy.

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Red or yellow flesh and the skin color?

A photo would help. I bought what were labeled as plumcots in Vancouver last summer. The skin was mottled red/green/yellow, I think. I searched the Web for plumcots and pluots and decided that the pluot variety “Dapple Dandy” was the closest to the fruit that I tasted. I just bought a tree of this variety in Canada from Whiffletree Farm & Nursery a few weeks ago. They have other varieties as well; so, you could check out their website to see if anything matches what you remember.

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Plumcot is a 50/50 cross of apricot and plum, as such there are many of them.
Pulot is any cross with more plum then apricot
aprium is a cross with more apricot then plum

I also purchased some of whiffletree’s plumcot/pluot for delivery this spring. I have Dapple Dandy, Flavor Queen Flavor Supreme, and Spring Satin on order and can’t wait for them to arrive. It has been a long wait to get any of these plumcot/pluot varieties in Canada. These trees are really hard to source, and impossible to find in BC. I ordered some other plum/pear trees from Whiffletree in the fall and was very peasently surprised by the size of both the trees and root systems. Whiffletree is one of the few Canadian sources that will ship to BC that has reasonable prices and high quality trees. Very sad that we need to ship trees from the other side of the continent to find desirable varieties that are actually available.

Nice to see a few other guys from SW BC on the forum recently.
Cheers boys.

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Is this a repost of your thread from last year @tubig? If so perhaps @moderator can merge both threads.

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@tbg9b sorry, i totally forgot to do the upload but I’ve revised it and it’s different from the previous post i made.

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That does have the elongated shape of a Flavor Grenade Pluot,but usually they aren’t sold,that far along in ripeness.

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@tbg9b totally different… and still havent concluded what either of those mystery plums are up to now!