Plum rootstock source in NY or wider northeast

Hello all! This is my first post on the forum. Thank you in advance for your help!

I’m looking to graft some gifted Green Gage and Damson scion wood onto Myro 29C root stocks and would love to hear of a good source for rootstocks. I’d love to hear any nursery recommendations you might have.

Many thanks and happy spring!


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Try the resources page they are very helpful.

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Grandpa’s Orchard and Cummins seem to still have myro rootstock available. One Green World, Raintree and Burnt Ridge have marianna 2624.

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Here’s the reference page. Myro and Mariana 2624 are good with your Euro plums.


The american plum is a nice rootstock for me here in Kansas that spreads readily and grafts easily. Frequently i use it as a rootstock for my japanese plums. You can see the american plum in this video

So its easy to see why frequently i allow the rootstock to set fruit and dont always bother to graft them. As mentioned already the resources page is excellent!


Many thanks, all for your speedy responses! This was very helpful.

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