Plum vigor levels, and multi-grafting plums + closely related fruits?

Hello all,

I have limited space, and want to plant a single plum tree—and understand at a basic level that there are risks involved with multi-grafted “franken-trees”, but nonetheless would like to try it.

I imagine that, ideally, it would be nice to have one variety along with smaller, varying amounts of other plum varieties than the main one (for varying flavors and harvest times), along with varying amounts of other fruits: pluot/aprium, pluerry, peach-plum, and any other such closely related fruits (and, perhaps I will add, apricots?). Even plums and pluots alone would be nice.

But, I know next to nothing about the specifics of their compatibility, vigor levels, etc., and would like to have a somewhat-educated idea of what will work and what will be problematic. For example, there is some information about apple vigor levels (such as this):

But I’m not finding much for plums nor the other fruits I mentioned above. Any ideas or advice on more that I can learn? Any resources out there?

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