Estimated Tree Vigor For Apple Varieties from HOS

Estimated Tree Vigor For Apple Varieties

(This is taken from the now-defunct Home Orchard Society website. If anyone knows the original author please let me know and I will add it.)

Many factors enter into the equation to determine tree size: rootstock, soil fertility, growth habit, and vigor.

HOS has printed much information on rootstocks and this is readily available. Soil fertility is a variable that must be taken into consideration, but each growth site is different. Growth habit deals with growing upright or spreading, spur or tip fruit bearing. HOS has an expanded publication of spur and tip bearing apples. Keep in mind that a spur bearing fruiting habit is more dwarfing than a nonspur bearing fruiting habit. Vigor refers to the growth of the variety that has been grafted onto a size controlling rootstock.

Predicting vigor is a rough estimate on how large the tree will grow on a particular rootstock. Over the years I have adopted in my subconscious mind to automatically calculates plus or minus 10% to numbers.

I am adopting the symbols used in The Book of Apples by Joan Morgan and Alison Richards, published in association with the Brogdale Horticultural Trust, 1993.

T1 : Weak vigor varieties
T2 : Medium vigor varieties
T3 : Very vigorous varieties

T1: weak vigor varieties may not be suitable for the most dwarfing rootstocks. The tree will just be too small to produce. While T2 medium vigor varieties (which are the most numerous) will be better suited to the more dwarfing rootstock. Next, the T3 very vigorous varieties are ideal for the more dwarfing rootstocks. When the data conflicted I choose the larger of the two, better to be surprised with a smaller tree than a larger one (e.g., Liberty).

I hope this listing will provide information for the rootstock choice that you have to make. It is but one of the determining factors in tree size.

Variety | Vigor

15 Welday Jonathon T2
19 Welday Jonathon T2
Abondance T2
Acklam Russet T2
Acme T2
Adams Pearmain T2
Adeersleber Calville T2
Adina, Stark T3
Admirable T1
Admiral T2
Advance T2
Akane T2
Akero T3
Alamata T3
Aldenham Blenheim T3
Alfriston T2
Alice T2
Allen’s Everlasting T1
Alexander T3
Alexis T2
Alkmene T2
All-Red Gravenstein T3
Alligton Pippin T3
Allington Pippin T2
Almata Crab T2
Almay T2
Alnarps Favourite T2
Alton T3
American Beauty T2
American Golden Russet T2
American Summer Pearmain T1
Ames T2
Amish Black T3
Ananas Reinette T2
Ananas Rouge T2
Angyal Dezso T2
Anisa T2
Anna T3
Anna Boelens T2
Annie Elizabeth T2
Annurca T2
Anoke T2
Antonovka T3
Antonovka ZheltaiaT3
Aori T2
Api (Lady) T1
Api Noir T1
Api Rose T2
Apple Babe T1
Arctic T2
Ard Cairn Russet T2
Arditi T2
Arkansas T3
Arkansas Black, Compspur T3
Arkansas Black, Spur T2
ArkCharm T3
Arlet (Swiss Gourmet) T2
Aroma T2
Aromatic Russet T2
Arthur Turner T3
Arthur W. Barnes T2
Ascot T2
Ashdown Seedling T2
Ashmead’s Kernel T2
Astillisch T2
Astrachan T2
Astrachan, Honeydew White T3
Astrachan, Red T3
Astrachan, White T3
Atalanda T3
Atlas T3
Atwood Spur T2
Auralia T2
Autumn Arctic T2
Autumn Gold T2
Autumn Pearmain T2
Autumn Streaked T2
Baker Sweet T2
Baker’s Delicious T2
Balder T2
Baldwin T3
Baldwin, Double Red T3
Ballarat Seedling T2
Ballard Beauty T2
Ball’s Pippin T3
Bancroft T3
Banns T3
BĹ nziger T3
Barchard’s Seedling T2
Barkley Red Rome T2
Barnack Beauty T2
Barnack Beauty Sport T2
Barnack Orange T2
Barnhill Pippin T2
Baron Wolsely (Dewdney’s Seedling) T3
Baron Wood T3
Barraude T2
BarrĹ˝ T2
Barry T3
Bascombe Mystery T2
Bastien T2
Battleford T2
Batul-Alma T3
Baukro T2
Bauline T2
Baumann’s Reinette T2
Baxter T1
Baxters Pearmain T2
Beacon T2
Beauchamwell T2
Beautiful Arcade T2
Beauty of Bath T3
Beauty of Bedford T3
Beauty of Blackmoor T2
Beauty of Hants T3
Beauty of Kent T2
Beauty of Moray T2
Beauty of Stoke T2
Bedford Red T2
Bedfordshire Foundling T2
Bedminster Pippin T2
Bedwyn Beauty T2
Beeley Pippin T2
Beforest T3
Belfleur Kitaika T2
Belfleur Krasnyi T3
Bellaqueeny T2
Belle de Boskoop T3
Belle de Magny T2
Belledge Pippin T3
Belle Flavois T2
Belle-Fille Normande T
Belvior Seedling T2
Ben Davis T2
Benenden Early T2
BŽnŽdiction T3
Beni Shogun T2
Benoni T3
Benseman’s Seedling T1
Ben’s Red T
Berner Rosen T2
Bess Pool T3
Bethel T2
Betsey T1
BeurriŽre T2
Bevan’s Favorite T3
Beverly Hills T2
Bisbee Red Delicious T2 (origin: Hood River, OR)
Bismark T2
Black Ben T2
Black David T2
Black Gilliflower T2
Black McIntosh T2
Black Mickey T2 (McIntosh)
Black Twig T2 (Winesap seedling)
Blackjon T2
Blackmack T2
Blairmount T2
Blanc Dur (Orne) T2
Blaxtayman T2
Bledisloe Cox T2
Blemheim Orange T3
Blenheim Red T3
Bloody Plowman T3
Blue Pearmain T2
Blushing Golden T2
Blutroton T3
Bodil Neergaard T3
Bohnapfel T3
Bondon T3
Bonnie Hotture T1
Bolero T2
Bonnet de Comte T2
Bonnet CarrĹ˝ T1
Bonum T2
Bosbury Pippin T3
Bottle Greening T2
Bountiful T2
Bouet T3
Bovey T2
Box Apple T2
Brabant Bellefleur de T3
Braeburn T2
Braeburn, Hillwell Strain T2
Breakey T3
Breakwell’s Seedling T3
Braintree Seedling T2
Bramley’s Seedling T3
Brightmac T2
Brighton T2
Britegold T1
Brookes’s T2
Bonum T2
Boucasse de BrŽs T3
Bouet T3
Bowden’s Seedling T3
Breedon Pippin T3
Breitling T3
Bridgewater Pippin T3
Brock T3
Brown Croften T3
Brownlees’ Russet T2
Burchardt’s Reinette T2
Burgess Seedling T3
Burgundy T2
Cabusse T3
Cacanska Pozna T3
Calville Blanc D’Hiver T1
Calville de DouĹ˝ T3
Calville de Maussion T3
Calville des Parairies T2
Calville Rouge du d’Hiver T2
Calville Rouge d’Automne T3
Calville Rouge du Mont d’Or T2
Cambusnethan Pippin T1
CameoÂŞ T2
Canada Red T2
Cannon Pearmain T3
Canvada T1
Captain Kidd T2
Caravel T2
Cardinal T2
Carlton T2
Carmignole MusquŽe T1
Carnet T1
Carola T1
Caroline T2
Carroll T1
Carswell’s Honeydew T1
Carswell’s Orange T2
Cartaut T1
Carter’s Pearmain T2
Case Wealthy T1
Charlot T2
Catshead T2
Cellini T2
Centennial Crab T1
Celt T2
Chad’s Favourite T2
Chailleux T2
Champlain T3
Chantecler T2
Charles Ross T2
Chaux T2
Chautauqua T2
Chaxhill Red T3
Chedder T2
Cheddar Cross T2
Chehalis T2
Chelan Red T2
Chenago Strawberry T2
Cherry Cox T2
Chehalis T2
Chestnut Crab T3
Chesapeake T2
Chieftain T2
Chiver’s Delight T2
Christmas Permain T2
Chisel Jersey T3
Cig‡ny Alma T3
Cinnamon Spice T2
Ciodo T2
Cissy T2
CissteckĹ˝ T2
Citron d’Hiver T2
Clarinette T3
Classic Red Delicious T2
Clayton Pearmain T2
Cleeve T2
Clemens T3
Climax T2
Clivia T2
Cloden T2
Clopton Red T2
Close T3
Cockle Pippin T2
Coe’s Golden Drop T2
Collet T3
Colonel Vaughan T2
Colonel Yate T2
Colwall Quoining T2
Commercio T2
Comrade T2
Conkle Jonathan T2
Cockett’s Red T1
Colapuy T3
Co-op 36 T2
Coos River Beauty T2
Coquette T3
Coquette d’Auvergne T1
Corail T2
Coromandel Red T2
Cornish Aromatic T3
Cornish Gilliflower T3
Cornish Honeypin T3
Cornish Pine T3
Corolca T3
Coronation T3
Cortagold T2
Cortland T2
Cortland, Early T2
Coul Blush T3
Court of Wick T3
Court Pendu Plat (Rouge) T2
Court Pendu Rose.T1
Court Royal T3
Cox Red Sport (Potter) T2
Cox Red Sport (Vinson) T2
Cox Rouge des Flandrs T2Cox’s Early Sport T2
Cox’s Orange Pippin T2
Cox’s Orange Pippin (Self Fert) T1
Cox’s Orange Pippin Spur Type T2
Cox’s Pomona T2
Coxstone T2
Crandall T2
Crawley Beauty T2
Crawley Reinette T2
Crimson Beauty T3
Crimson Beauty of Bath T3
Crimson Beauty of Bath (LARS) T3
Crimson Brilliant T3
Crimson Cox T2
Crimson Gravenstein T3
Crimson Grieve T2
Crimson King T2
Crimson Peasgood T2
Crimson Queening T1
Crimson Spy T2
Crimson Superb T3
Crispin (Mustu) T3
Crispin Spur Type T3
Criterion T2
Criterion; Par-Fect Spur T1
Crookston T3
Crow Egg (Raven Egg) T3
Crowngold T3
Curl Tail T3
Cutler Grieve T1
D’Arcy Spice T2
D’Eylau T2
Dabinett T1
Dakota T2
Dalice T2
Daliest Elistra T2
Daliter Elton T2
Danziger Kantapfel T1
Dawn T2
Davey T1
Dayton T3
De Cave T3
De Casse T2
De Flandre T2
De L’ester T1
De Quint T2
Decio T1
Delawine T3
Delbard T2
Delcon T1
Delcrof T2
Delectible T2
Delgollune T2
Delicious, Red T2
Deljeni T1
Delprim T3
Demir (Crab) T2
Democrat T2
Delnimb T1
Derman Delicious T2
Derman McIntosh T2
Derman Winesap T2
Desseffy Ariszid T2
Detroit Red T2
Devon Crimson Queen T2
Devonshire Buckland T3
Diamond Jubilee T3
Diana T2
Diana Spur T2
Dillington Beaquty T2
Directeur Lesage T2
Directeur Van De Plassche T2
Discovery T2
Discovery Spur T2
Domnese T3
Dorset Golden T3
Doctor T2
Doctor Harvey T2
Dolgo Crab T1
Double Rose T2
Doud Golden Delicious T2
Dougherty T1
Dovenshire Quarrenden T1
Downton Pippin T2
Drap D’Or T3
Dredge’s Fame T2
Duchess T3
Duchess of Bedford T2
Duchess of Gloucester T2
Duchess of Oldenburg T2
Duchess’s Favourite T2
Duck’s Bill T2
Dudley T2
DuŽgne T2
Dugamel T2
Dulcet T3
Duk‡t T2
Duk‡t Spur T2
Duke of Devenshire T2
Dunn’s Seedling T2
Dunning T2
Durello T2
Dutch Codlin T2
Dutch Mignonne T2
Dzahir Nadri T2
Earlibrite T2
Earlidel T3
Earligold T2
Earlijon T2
Earlistripe T2
Early Dawn T3
Early Fuji T2
Early Granee T2
Early Harvest T2
Early Joe T1
Early Julyan T3
Early McIntosh T3
Early Spur Rome T2
Early Strawberry T2
Eastbourne Pippin T2
Easter Orange T2
Eccleston Pippin T2
Ed Gould Golden T2
Edelroter T2
Eden T2
Edgar T2
Edith Hopwood T2
Edmund Jupp T2
Edward VII T2
Edwards T3
Egremont Russet T2
Eight Square T2
Ein Shemur T2
Elan T2
Elektra T2
Elliot Spur T2
Ellison’s Orange T2
Elmore Pippin T2
Elstar T2
Elton Beauty T1
Emilia T3
Emneth Early T2
Emperor Alexander T3
Empire T2
Empire, Crown T2
Empress T2
Empress Spur T2
Encore T2
Endsleigh Beauty T3
English Beauty T3
Enterprise T3
Epicure T2
Epicurean T2
Erlijon T2
Ernst Bosch T1
Eros T2
Ervin Red T2
Erwin Baur T2
Esopus Spitzenburg T2
Estiva T1
Etlins Reinette T3
Etter’s Gold T2
Eustis T2
Evarts Red T2
Evereste T2
Exeter Cross T2
Exquisite T3
Extraordinaire T3
Fairy T2
Fairie Queen T1
Fall Harvey T3
Fall Pippin T2
Fall Red T2
Fall Russet T2
Fall Wine T2
Fallawater T3
Falstaff T2
Fameuse T2
Fantazja T2
Faros T2
Fearn’s Pippin T2
Feltham Beauty T2
Fenouillet Gris T2
Fenouillet Rouge T2
Feuillemorte T3
Feuillot T2
Fiesta T2
Filippa T3
Filjaune T2
Finasso T2
Fireside T2
Firmgold T3
First and Last T2
Fisher Fortune T2
Fish’s Pippin T1
Flame T1
Flamenco T1
Fletcher’s Prolific T3
Fleuritard T3
Fleuritard Rouge T1
Florence Bennet T2T2
Flower of the Town T3
Flower of Kent T2 (Isaac Newton’s Apple)
Forge T2
Forpear T3
Fortosh T3
Fortune T2
Forty Shilling T3
Foulden Pearmain T2
Foulkes’ Foremost T2
Foxwhelp T3 (Cider)
Fraise de Buhler T3
Franc Roseau T2
Franc-Bon-Pommier T2
Francatu T2
France Deliquet T2
Francis T2
Franklyn’s Golden Pippin T2
Frau Margarete Von Stosch T2
Frazier’s Spur T2
Fred Webb T2
Freedom T3
Freiherr Von Berlepsh T3
FrŽmy T3
Freyberg T1
Friandise T2
Friedrich der Grosse T2
Fromme Scab Resistant T3
Frydeland Cox T2
Fuji T2
Fukunishiki T3
Fukutami T2
Gala T2
Gala, Fulford T2
Gala Must T2
Gala; Red No 42 T2
Galarina T2
Galatine T3
Galeuse T2
Galloway Pippin T2
Galton T3
Gambafina T2
Ganjin T3
Garden Delicious T1
Garden Royal T3
Gardner T2
Garnet T1
Gascoyne’s Scarlet T3
Gavin T2
Geheimrat Doktor Oldenburg T1
Gene Pitney T2
Generva Black T2
Genet Moyle T3
Geneva Early T2
Geneva Ontario T2
George Carpenter T3
George Cave
George Nea T2
GewŸrzluiken T2
Giambun T2
Gian AndrĹ˝ T1
Giant Geniton T2
Gibbon’s Russet T3
Gilliflower of Gloucester T2
Gilpin T3
Ginger Gold T2
Gipsy King T2
Gladstone T2
Glass Apple T3
Glebe Gold T2
Glenerchie T2
Glengyle Red T2
Glenton T2
Glogerovka T2
Glokensapfel T2
Gloria Mundi T2
Gloucester Cross T2
Gloucester Royal T2
Gold Medal T2
Gold Reinette T2
Gold Smith T3
Gold Spur T2
Gold Star T3
Golden Auvilspur T2
Golden Bittersweet T3
Golden Bounty T2
Golden Delicious T2
Golden Delicious T2 (many spur cultivars giving smaller trees)
Golden Harvey T3
Golden Knob T2
Golden Melon T2
Golden Monday T2
Golden Morspour T2
Golden Noble T2
Golden Nonpareil T3
Golden Nugget T2
Golden Pearmain T2
Golden Pippin T2
Golden Precoce T2
Golden Reinette T2
Golden Royal T2
Golden Russet T3
Golden Supreme T3
Golden Sweet T3
Goldensheen T2
Goldenspur T2
Goldilocks T1
Goldjon T1
Goldrush T2
Goodland T2
Gordon T3
Goro T3
Graine T2
Grange’s Pearmain T3
Granny Gifford T2
Granny Smith T2
Granny Smith, Compspur T2
Gravenstein T3
Gravenstein, Dark Red T3
Gravenstein, Washington Strain T3
Gravenstein Washington Red T2
Graue Herbstrenette T2
Greasy Pippin T2
Great Expectations T1
Green Custard T2
Green Harvey T2
Green Purnell T2
Green Roland T2
Green Sweet T2
Greensleves T1
Greeup’s Pippin T2
Grenadier T2
Grimes Golden T2
Groninger Kroon T2
Gronsvelder Klumpke T3
Gros Locard T3
Gros Paradis T2
Gros RŽau T2
Gros-Api T3
Gros-Papa T2
Gropsse Rouge T2
Grvena Lepogvetka T2
Guelph T2
Guldborg T2
Gustavs Dauerapfel T2
Gyllenkroks Astrakan T2
Gy-gyi Piros T2
Haggerstone Pippin T2
Hamilton T2
Hamvas Alma T2
Hannan Seedling T2
Haralred T1
Haralson T1
Haralson, Red T1
Harang Alma T2
Harberts Reinette T3
Harcourt T2
Harispur T2
Harold’s Large T3
Harrold Red T2
Harvey T2
Hatsuaki T3
Haughty’ Red T2
Hawaii T2
Hawkridge T2
Hawkeye T2
Hazen T2
Heimenhofer.T2Henery Clay T2
Hereferd Cross T3
Herma T2
Herring’s Pippin T2
Heyer #12 T2
Heubner T2
Heusgen’s Golden Reinette T2
Hi-early T2
Hi-Red T2
Hibb’s Seedling T2
High View Pippin T2
Hightop Sweet T3
Himekami T3
Histon Favourite T2
Hoary Morning T2
Hocking’s Green T2
Hoe T2
Hofingers Himbeerapfel T2
Hog’s Snout T2
Hohenzollern T3
Holiday T2
Holley T2
Holstein T3
Holstein Dr Schultz T3
Holstein Griemsmann I T3
Holstein Griemsmann II T3
Holstein Mahler T3
Holstein Palloks T3
HolsteinSport, NFT T3
Holstein Steinhausen T3
Hommel T2
Honey Pippin T2
Honeycrisp T2
Honeygold T2
Hood’s Supreme T2
Hoople’s Antique Gold T2
Hope Cottage Seedling T2
Horei T1
Horsford Prolific T2
Horsham Russet T3
Houblon T2
Houser Red T2
Howgate Wonder T3
Hubbar’s Pearmain T2
Hubbardston Nonsuch T2
Hudson’s Golden Gem T3
Hume T3
Hunt’s Early T3
Hunter Sandow T3
Huntsman T3
Hyde King T3
Idagold T2
Idajon T2
Idared T2
Idared, Marguis T2
Idared, Spur T2
Improved Red Johathan T2
Indo T2
Ingall’s Red T1
Ingol T2
Ingram T3
Ingrid Marie T2
Ingrid Marie, Spur T2
Irish Peach T3
Isaac Newton’s Tree T2
Isle of Wight Pippin T3
Ivette T2
Ivš T3
Iwakami T3
Jacquin T2
Jamba 69 T3
James Grieve T2
James Lawson T2
Jan Steen T3
Jean Tondeur T2
Jefferis T2
Jennifer T3
Jenniffer Wastie T2
Jersey Beauty T2
Jersey Black T3
Jerseymac T1
Jester T2
Joan T2
John Divers T2
John Downie T2 (Edible Crab)
John Huggett T2
John Standish T3
Johnson McIntosh T2
Jolyne T2
Jomured T3
Jonadel T2
Jonafree T3
JonafreeChehalis T3
Jonagold T2
Jonagold, De Coster T3
Jonagold, Nicobel T3
Jonagrimes T2
Jon‡ka T3
Jonalicious T2
Jonamac T2
Jonared T2
Jonathan T2
Jonathan (4N B) T2
Jonathan (4X A) T2
Jonathan Apex T2
Jonathan, Double Red T2
Jonica T2
Jonnee T3
Jored King T3
JosŽphine T3
Joybells T2
Joyce T2
Jubillee T3
Judaine T2
Judeline T2
Judor T2
Juliana T3
Juliet (Co-op 43) T2
July Red T2
July Tart T3
Jurella T2
Jupiter T3
Kaiser Wilhem T2
Kalco T2
Kandil Sinap T1
Kansas T2
Karmen T2
Karmijin de Sonnaville T3
Katja T3
Katy (Katja) T3
Keegan’s Crab T2
Keepsake T2
Kemp T3
Kendall T2
Kenneth T2
Kent T2
Kentucky Red Streak T2
Kerr T2 (Crab)
Kerry Pippin T2
Kestrel T2
Keswick Codlin T2
Kidd’s Orange Red T2
Kile T2
Kim T2
Kimball McIntosh T2
King (King of Tompkins County) T3
King Albert T2
King Byred T3
King Charles Pearmain T1
King Coffee T2
King Cole T2
King Cox T2
King David T3
King Jonagold T3
King George V T3
King Luscious T2
King of the Pippins T2
King (King of Tompkins County) T3
King Red Jonathan T2
King Russet T2
Kingjon T2
Kingston Black T3
King’s Acre Pippin T3
Kinkead Red Spy T2
Kinnard’s Choice T2
Kinrei T1
Kinsei T2
Kitakami T3
Kitchovka T1
Knobby Russet T2
Klunster T3
Kolocara T3
Kšningin Juliana T2
Korei T3
Korona T1
KortegĹ’rd Cox T2
Kosmonaut T1
La Gaillarde T3
La Nationale T3
Lady T1
Lady Henniker T3
Lady Lambourne T2
Lady of the Lake T2
Lady Sudeley T2
Lady Williams T2
Lady Sweet T2
Lady Williams T2
Lakeland T2
Lamb Abbey Pippin T2
Lamb’s Seedling T2
Lane’s Prince Albert T2
Lange’s Perfection T2
Lappio T3
Lawfam T3
Law Red Rome T2
Lawyer Nutmeg T2
Laxton’s Early Crimson T3
Laxton’s Favourite T3
Laxton’s Herald T2
Laxton’s Leader T2
Laxton’s Pearmain T2
Laxton’s Peerless T2
Laxton’s Reward T1
Laxton’s Royalty T2
Laxton’s Superb T3
Laxton’s Superb NFT Clone T3
Laxton’s Triumph T2
Laxton’s Victory T2
Leathercoat Russet T3
Legana T1
Lemoen T2
Lemon Pippin T2
Lemon Queen T1
Leonie de Sonnaville T2
Leslie T3
Levereing Linbertwig T3
Liberty T2
Lily Boxall T3
Limbertwing T3
Linda T2
Lindel T2
Lipton T2
Lobo T2
Lodi T3
Lodi, Compspur T2
Lodi, Stark T3
Lombart’s Calville T2
London Pearmain T2
London Pippin T2
Longstart T1
Loop Spy (tetrapoid of N Spy) T2
Lord Derby T3
Lord Hindlip T2
Lord Lambourne T2
Lord Lennox T2
Lord Rosebery T1
Lord Seedling T3
Lord Suffield T2
Lowland Rspberry T2
Lucombe’s Pine T3
Lucombe’s Seedling T1
Lundbytorp T3
Lurared T3
Lutz T2
Lynn’s Pippin T2
Lysgold T2
Maayan T1
Mabbott’s Pearmain T2
Macfree McIntosh T3
Macoun T3
Macy T2
Magnolia Gold T2
Mahe T2
Maid of Kent T2
Maiden Blush T2
Malling Kent T2
Maltster T2
Manitoba Spy T2
Mandan T2
Mantet T2
Mareda T2
Margaret T2
Margil T2
Maigold T3
Maypole T2
McIntosh T2
McIntosh, Compact T2
McIntosh, Compspur T2
McIntosh, Double Red T2
McIntosh, Marshall T2
McShay T3
McSweet T1
Marquesa T2
Marstar T2
Mary Barnett T2
Maxton T3
May Beauty T3
McLellan T2
Medina T3
Melba T2
Melba Crab T2
Megumi T1
Melon T1
Melred T3
Melrose T3 (or Medium Vigor)
Melrose, White T3
Meran T2
Mercer T3
Merigold T2
Merton Ace T3
Merton Beauty T2
Merton Charm T2
Merton Delight T2
Merton Joy T2
Merton Knave T2
Merton Pearmain T3
Merton Russet T3
Merton Worcester T2
Michelin T3 (Cider)
Milfor T3
Miller Sturdyspur T2
Miller’s Seedling T2
Millet T2
Millicent Barnes T2
Millicent Barnes Sport T2
Milton T3
Milwaukee T2
Mimi T2
Ming Shing T3
Minjon T2
Minnehaha T2
Minnesota Russet T2
Mio T3
Missing Link T2
Missouri T2
Moira T2
Mollie’s Delicious T2
Monarch T3
Monk’s Golden Pippin T1
Monmouth Beauty T3
Monroe T2
Morden 363 T3
Morgan Sweet T3
Morely’s Seedling T3
Morden Russet T3
Morspur T2
Morspur McIntosh T2
Mother T2
Mount Rainier T2
Mrs Barron T3
Mrs Phillimore T2
Murry T2
Nanny T3
Nancy Jackson T1
Nasona T2
Niedzwetzkyana T1
Neild’s Drooper T1
Nelson’s Favourite T1
Neue GoldparmĹ ne T3
New Bess Pool T3
New German T3
New Jonagold T3
Newport Cross T2
Newtosh T2
Newtown Pippin T2
Newton Spitzenburg T3
Newton Wonder T3
Niagara T3
Nico T2
Nicobel Jonagold T3
Nittany T3
Nonpareil T2
Nonsuch Park T2
Noran T3
Norcue T3
Norda T3
Noret T1
Norfolk Beauty T3
Norfolk Beefing T3
Norfolk Coledman T2
Norfolk Royal T2
Norfolk Royal Russet T2
Noris T2
Norland T1
Norman’s Pippin T1
Norson T2
Norhey T3
Northern Spy T3
Northland Seedling T2
Northwestern Greening T3
Nova Easygrow T3
Novamac T2
Novaspy T2
Nugget T2
Nured Jonathan T2
Nured Rome T2
Nutmeg Pippin T2
Oaken Pippin T2
Oberle T2
Odin T3
Ohio Nonpareil T2
Okanoma T2
Old Golden Russet T3
Old Pearmain T2
Old Summerset Russet T1
Oliver T3
Ontario T2
Ontario (4X 2-4-4) T2
Opal T2
Opalescent T2
Opetian T2
Orange Pippin T3
Orangenburg T2
Oranje de Sonnaville T2
Oregon Spur T2
Oreint T3
Orenco T2
Orin T2
Oriole T3
Orleans T2
Orleans Reinette T2
Ortley T1
Osennee Desertone T3
Osennee Polostaoe T3
Oslin T2
Owen Thomas T2
Oxford Beauty T2
Oxford Hoard T3
Ozark Gold T2

P. J. Bergius T3
Pacific Gold T2
Palouse T2
Paradiso T3
Pardise Sweet T3
Parkland T3
Parkman (smallest apple known) T1
Paroquet T1
Patricia T2
Patrick T2
Patten T2
Patterson T2
Patul T2
Paulared T2
Peacemaker T2
Pearl T1
Pear Apple T2
Peasgood Nonsuch T2
Peck’s Pleasant T2
Pedro T2
Perleberg T2
Perrine Yellow Trnsparent T2
Perrine York T2
Peter Lock T3
Pettinghill T3
Pewaukee T2
Philadelphia T2
Pierre T2
Pigeonne T3
Pig’s Nose Pippin T2
Pine Apple Russet T2
Pine Apple Russet of Devon T1
Pine Golden Pippin T1
Pink Lady (Australia) T3
Pink Lady (Canada) T2
Pink Pearl T2
Pink Pearl (Canada) T1
Pinova (Clivia) T2
Pioneer T2
Pitmaston Pine Apple T2
Pixie T2
Pixie Red Sport T2
Plymouth Cross T2
Poelman’s Rode James Grieve T2
Polka T2
Polly T3
Polly Prosser T2
Pomeroy T2
Pomme ‡ Cotes T2
Pomme Crotte T2
Pomme d’Amour T2
Pomme d’Enfer T2
Pomme du Viez T2
Pome Noire T2
Port Allen Russet T3
Porter T2
Potter Cox T3
Prairie Spy T2
Present Van Holland T1
President Boudewijn T1
Prima T3
Primate T3
Prime Gold T2
Primicia T2
Primrouge T3
Primus T2
Prince Alford T2
Prince Charming T1
Prince Charles T3
Prince Edward T2
Prince Nicolas T3
Prins Bernard T2
Prinses Irene T1
Prinses Maarijke T1
Prinses Margariet T2
Prinz Albrecht Von Preussen T1
Prinzen Apfel T2
Priol’s Delicious T1
PristineÂŞ T2
Priscilla T2
Puffin T3
Pumpkin Sweet T3
Puregold T3
Queen T2
Queen Cox T2
Queen Cox (Maclean) T2
Queenby’s Glory T2
Quindell T1
Quinte T3
Radient T2
Radoux T3
Rajka T2
Ralls Janet T2
Rambo, Summer T3
Ramour T2
Ranger T2
Raritan T2
Red Army T2
Red Astrachan T3
Red Baron T2
Red Beauty of Bath T3
Red Beboni T2
Red Bell de Boskoopv
Red Blenheim (Passey) T3
Red Blenheim (Wastie) T3
Red Charles Ross T2
Red Dijmanszoet T3
Red Dougherty T1
Red Dutchess of Oldenburg T2
Red Ellison T2
Red Elstar T2
Red Famuse T2
Red Flesh T1
Red Fortune T2
Red Fuji T2
Red George Cave T2
Red Gold T3
Red Granny Smith T2
Red Hook T3
Red Ingrid Marie T2
Red James Grieve T2
Red Jonagold (Highwood) T3
Red Jonathan T2
Red June T2
Red King T2
Red Martini T1
Red Melba T2
Red Miller’s Seedling T2
Red Prince T2
Red Queen T2
Red Rome Australia T2
Red Rome Beauty T2
Red Sauce T2
Red Splendor T2
Red Spur T2
Red Stayman T3
Red Superb T3
Red Sudeley T2
Red Transparent T2
Redcoat Grieve T2
Redcoat Grieve Spur T2
Redcort T2
Redford T2
Redfree T3
Redgold T2
Redhill Sops of Wine T3
Redmax McIntosh T2
Redsleeves T2
Redstart T2
Redwell T2
Redwing T2
Regent T2
Reine des Reinettes Rouge T2
Reinette Clochard T2
Reinette Coulon T2
Reinette d’Amorique T3
Reinette d’Anjou T2
Reinette d’Autome T2
Reinette de Brucbrucks T3
Reinette de France T2
Reinette de Granville T3
Reinette de Luca T2
Reinette de Macon T2
Reinette de Maurs T2
Reinette du Canada T3
Reinette du Vigan T1
Reinette Favalle
Reinette Grise T2
Reinette Grise de Saintonge T2
Reinette Grise du Canada
Reinette MabrŽe T2
Reinette RanchŽe T2
Reinette Rouge ƒtoilŽe
Reinette Simirenko T2
Reinette Van Berk’s T2
Reinette RussetÂŞ T2
Releika T2
Renown T2
Resi T1
Reverend W. Wilkes T1
Rhode Island Greening
Rhode Island Greening (tetraploid)
Ribston Pippin T2
Richard Delicious T2 (Red Del. type)
Richardson (Ashworth) T3
Richardson (Tomalin) T1
Richelieu T2
Rival T2
Roanoke T2
Robin Pippin T2
Robinson T3
Rode Wagenaar T2
Rogers McIntosh T2
Rokewood T1
Rome Beauty T2
Rome Beauty, Compspur T2
Rome Beauty, Spuree T2
Rome Beauty, Taylor Strain T2
Rosamund T2
Rosanne T2
Rose Bud T3
Rose Double T2
Rose Rouge T2
Rosebrook Gravenstein T3
Rosemary Russet T2
Ross Nonpareil T2
Rosy Blenheim T2
Rote GoldparmĹ ne T2
Roter Ananas T2
Rough Pippin T2
Rouville T3
Roxbury Russet T2
Royal Gala T2
Royal Jubilee T1
Royal Red T2 (Red Del. type)
Royality T2
Rubens T3
Rubin T2
Rubinette T3
Rubinstar T3 (Sport of Jonagold)
Ruby (Seabrook) T2
Ruby (Thorrington) T3
Ruby Red Rome T2
Russset Lambourne T2
Russet Superb T3
Ryan Red (Red Del. type) T2
Saint Ailred T2
Saint Albins Pippin T2
Saint Cecilia T3
Saint Edmund’s Pippin T2
Saint Edmund’s Russet T3
Saint Everard T2
Saint Francis T2
Saint Lawrence T2
Saint Martin’s (Balckman) T2
Salome T2
Saltcote Pippin T3
Sam Young T2
Sampion T2
Sandew T3
Sandow T3
Sandringham T2
Sansa T1
Sanspareil T2
Saratoga T3
Sayaka T3
Scarlet T2
Scarlet Crofton T2
Scarelt Gala T2
Scarlet Gravenstein T3
Scarelt Nonpareil T2
Scarlet O’Haraª T2
Scarlet Pearmain T2
Scarlet Staymared T3
Schurapfel T1
Schweizer Orange T1
Schweizer Orangenapfel T2
Scotia T2
Scott Winter T3
Seabrook’s Red T2
Sekai Ichi T3
Sensacion T2
Senshu T2
September Beauty T2
Septer T1
Sierra Beauty T2
Smiler T1
Shakespeare T2
Shamrock T2
Sharon T2
Shaw Ribston T2
Sheep’s Nose T2
Shenandoah T2
Shiawassee T3
Shin Indo T3
Shinko T3
Shinsei T3
Shizuka T3
Singe Tillisch T2
Silva T2
Simon’s Russet T2
Sinta T2
Sipolins T2
Sir Prize T3
Skinlite T2
Skinner’s Seedling T3
Skyline Supreme T2
Smokehouse T3
Smoothee T2
Smoothgold T2
Snšvit T3
Snow T2
Somerset Of Maine T3
Sops of Wine T3
South Park T2
Spartan T2
Spartan 4N No 3 (tetrapoid) T2
Spartan 4N Scotland (tetrapoid) T2
Spartan 4N Sweden (tetrapoid) T2
Spartan Compact T2
Spencer T2
Spigold T3
Spijon T2
Spitzenburg T2
Spiza T2
Splendour T2
Spokane Beauty T3
Spur Red Rome Beauty T2
Spuree Rome Beauty T2
Spy Double Red T2
Stahls Prinz T2
Stamford Pippin T2
Star of Devon T2
Stark T2
Stark Blushing Golden T2
Stark Earliblaze T2
Stark Summer Treat T3
Stark’s Earliest (Scarlet Pimpernel) T2
Stark’s Late Delicious T2
Starkey T2
Starking T2
Starkcrimson Delicious T2
Starkspur Arkansas Black T3
Starkspur Cortland T2
Starkspur Golden Delicious T2
Starkspur Granny Smith T2
Starkspur McIntosh T2
Starkspur Red T2 (Red Del. type)
Starr T2
State Fair T2
Staybrite T3
Stayman, Double Red T3
Stayman (Stayman Winesap) T2
Staymared, Dark Red T3
Satyman’s Winesap T3
Stearns T3
Sterling T2
Sterling Castle T1
Stevenson Wealthy T1
Stonecrop T2
Stonehenge T2
Stonetosh T3
Stowell T3
Striped Beauty T2
Striped Beefing T2
Striped Early Cox Sport T2
Strumer Pippin T2
Stump T2
Sturmer T1
Subtropical Apple T2
Sudeten Reinette T2
Summer Blenheim T3
Summer Golden Pippin T3
Summer Mac T2
Summer Rambo T3
Summer Rose T2
Summerdel T2
Summerland T2
Summerland McIntosh T2
Summerred T2
Sunburn T1
Suncrisp T2
Sundale T2
Sundel T2
Sundance T2
Sundowner T3
Sunfuji T3
Sungold T1
Sunrise T2
Sunset T2
Sunset Sport T2
Suntan T3
Super Jon T2
Super Starking T2
Sure Crop T2
Surprise T3
Surprise Reinette T2
Swaar T3
Sweet Bough T2
Sweet Caroline T2
Sweet Coppin T2
Sweet Cornelly T2
Sweet Delicious T2
Sweet Ermgaard T2
Sweet Sixteen T2
Sweethart T2
Swiss Gourmet (Arlet) T2
Sylvia T2
Tangowine T3
Tasman Pride T2
Tauton Cross T3
Tawria T3
Tellina T2
Tellisaare T2
Telstar T2
Ten Commandments T2
Testerspur Golden delicious T2
Tetofsky T1
Texola T1
Thoday’s Quaarrenden T1
Thomas Jeffrey T2
Thomas Empire T2
Thorle Pippin T3
Tim’s Early T3
Tohoku 4 T3
Tolman Sweet T2
Tom Maclean T2
Tom Putt T3 (Crab)
Tommy Knight T2
Topred T2
Topsy T2
Transcendent Crab T3
Trebu T3
Trent T3
Tropical Beauty T2
Tumanga T2
Trusevitch I-48-41 T2
Tsugara T2
Turner T2
Twenty Ounce T2
Tydeman’s Early T2
Tydeman’s Early Spur T2
Tydeman’s Early Worcester T2
Tydeman’s Late Orange T3
Tydeman’s Michaelmas Red T1
Ultra Gala T2
Underleaf T2
Undine T2
Upton Pyne T2
Valnur Red Jonathan T2
Van Eseline T1
Vance (Red Del. type) T2
Vandevere T3
Vanmca T2
Venus Pippin T3
Verdona T2
Vernade T2
Victory (USA) T2
Viking T2
Vincent T2
Virginia Gold T2
Vista Bella T3
Voyager T2
Vystavochnoye T3
Wagener T1
Waltana T3
Waltz T2
Wang Young T2
Wanstall Pippin T2
Warden T2
Warner’s King T3
Washington Strawberry T1
Wayne T3
Wayside T2
Wealthy T1
Webster T1
Welcome T2
Wellington (USA) T2Bloomless T2 (no flower petals)
Wellspur Delicious T2 (Red Del. type)
Wemmershoek T3
Westfield Seek-No-Further T2
Westland T2
White Astrachan T3
White Melrose T2
White Transparent T2
White Winter Pearmain T2
Wickson Crab T3
Wijcik McIntosh T1
Wild Red T3
Wilhelm Ley T3
William Crump T3
William’s Pride T3
Willow Twig T3
Winchester T3
Winesap T2
Winston T2
Winter Banana T2
Winter Banana, Compspur T1
Winter Banana, Spur T1
Winter Lemon T2
Winter Majetin T3
Winter Marigold T2
Winter Pearmain T2
Winter Sweet Paradise T3
Winter QuarrendenWormsley Pippin T2
Wolf River T3
Worcester Cross T2
Worcester Pearmain T2
Wright T3
Wrixparent T3
Wyken Pippin T2
Wynooche Early T2
Yar Mohammadi T3
Yates T3
Yellow Bellflower T2
Yellow Delicious T2
Yellow Ingestrie T1
Yellow Newtown T3
Yellow Newtown Pippin T2
Yellow Transparent T3
Yellow Transparent, Perrine T2
Yellowspur T2 (Golden Del. Type)
York T2
York-A-Red T2
York Imperial T2
York, Perrine T2
York, Spur T1
Zabergau Renette T2
Zlatna Resistenta T3
Zestar T3
Zigeunerin T1
Zigeunerinapfel. T1
Zuccalmaglio T3


Great information. Thank you for posting this.

Wow, that’s a lot of names, though some aren’t very flattering.

We used to have a notebook with this data, and several others that we’d keep at the advice table at the HOS shows. I may be getting scans of the some of the others at some point.


Thanks for posting this, Scott. I have a link to this on a page I maintain and will have to alter it. Whoever was the author did a quite comprehensive job, and from my limited experience, it appears to be accurate.

I believe that list came from a book. I’ll see if I can find the title somewhere.

EDIT: looks like you put the name of the book in the original post. :joy: What did you mean by name of the original author then?

The Book of Apples is just where the T notation comes from. I don’t know where the list came from though. TBoA has some of these in their descriptions so probably some of the data was taken from there. Note I didn’t write any of the text, only the comment at the top.

I have a Summer Rambo on MM111 that produces Ripe apples by June 15 to July 15. Each apple generally have from 1-6 worms in them. Any apples that ripen past mid July are so riddle with worms they are more than 50% consumed and worthless. If it were not for the T3 vigor of both the roots and scion I would have never gotten any apples from my 9 trees consisting of Black Twig, Summer Rambo, Redfree, liberty, Freedom Melrose, Strawberry, Lodi and forgot the name.

Thanks Scott for the comprehensive list!

Looking at ones I have, I agree on Gravenstein as T3, Dolgo T1, Jonagold T3, Jonared T2, Jonared T2, Akane T2, Priscilla T2, Queen Cox T2, Summerred T2, Sweet16 T2, Liberty T2. I think Porter might be more like T3 compared to others on the same multigraft, much more vigorous compared to Jonathan.

My King David seems more like T2. My Rubinette also. Then again it may be the grafts or rootstock. When grafting for my minitree orchard, I tried to put the more vigorous ones on Bud9 and less vigorous on Geneva222. They are too young to say if that was a good idea.

I have Zestar on M26. The plan is to espalier it. Too soon to say if it will be too vigorous (T3).

Still, incredible list. Should be helpful for choosing rootstocks and multigrafts.

I didn’t see Mutsu in the list;
but it would also be a T3 or more
exceeding vigorous tree.

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Really good information to review before buying certain trees.

i keep looking at Mutsu to buy a tree. I see mixed reviews about it though.

It is there under C for Crispin.



Mutsu is awesome in the Puget Sound Lowlands, but it’s a very vigorous tree and pollen sterile.

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I like using Mutsu to make apple dumplings. When I get them in the store I pick out the largest ones. However, when I look at buying a tree I see a lot of problems they describe the Mutsu has. I would put it in between two good pollinator trees.

Ted Swenson, former president of HOS, may be the author.

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