Plumeria getting ready to bloom

This was seed grown. Had it for some time (plumeria are easy to get going from seed). Overwinters easily but gets mites really bad and tends to drop its leaves when i put it outside in the spring but comes back strong. It is growing in maybe a 5 gallon pot…probably needs to be repotted. First time blooming.


I saw many plumeria when i was in Hawaii. Not only are they beautiful, they are extremely fragrant.

Wow. Plumerias in zone 4. Very impressive.

This afternoon…

That is why originally started growing them. I did get some cuttings from Hawaii off Ebay but none made it (a couple years back). I’m very interested in the smell of these. I figure i’ve got about a month outside still before i’ll start seeing frost…by that first or 2nd week of November the temps usually really start to plummet around here.

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Maybe one of the best fragrances around