Pomegranate Order

I had placed an order with Greensea for 6 varieties of Poms, and
just found out they messed up my order and won’t have 3 of them.
Does anyone know where I can get Parfianka, Medovyi Vasha, and
Sirenevyi? Bay Laurel and Grow Organics are out of them. Thanks


Ray, the best source for pomegranates I’ve found is Rolling River Nursery. If they don’t have it in stock, email them and ask them if they will be getting it back in stock, soon. If they don’t have the cultivar, ask if they are planning on producing it, and what might also be a good substitute. They are lovely folks to work with, bought most of my pomegranates from them, plants were in great shape, very healthy, all have survived, and hoping for fruit this year from Parfianka:

Patty S.

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Thanks Patty, I was able to find parfianka and add it to my Raintree order
and RR does have Sirenevyi. What all do you have?

I have (this is incomplete, my pc is at the doctor’s, so this is an older spreadsheet I’m looking at):

PHil’s Sweet
Red Silk
Pink Satin
Angel Red (2)
Utah Sweet

I’m missing about 3 Russian cultivars, I think.

Edible Landscaping has Parfianka.

Raintree still has Parfianka in stock. I ordered Redsilk from them and it came as tree form in 10" slv in 2014 spring. I am happy with it.

BTW, Does anyone know where can I get Angel Red?

Thank you

Willis Orchard still has Angel Red available:


Thanks, I searched GW old threads before, WO seems not getting great response. Maybe it’s better now.

I ordered my Angel Red from them, and they delivered me a very nice tree. They will refund your money if your tree fails, just read the fine print. I had them replace tree that didn’t make it, and they did the next bareroot season.

Patty S.

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Patty, you were very fortunate. WO has a very bad rating on Dave’s Garden
Watchdog. Angel Red can be ordered from any number of places.

Ray, maybe you can then offer InfiniteFruit other online options then, besides Willis?

Forestfarm Williams OR USA Web Site
Ison’s Nursery & Vineyards Brooks GA USA Web Site
Johnson Nursery Ellijay GA USA Web Site
Trees of Antiquity LLC Paso Robles CA USA Web Site

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I picked up my Angel Red from Johnsons. Unfortunately, they recently closed.

Patty, how do you like the angel red compared to the others?

Brad, I haven’t had my Angel Red bear, yet. Pomegranates take a bit to produce (except Wonderful, which is pretty vigorous, but I think, very average tasting). I believe Clint had Angel Red pomegranates last season, so hopefully he’ll weigh in. I think he said they were terrific, but I’d have to go back and search to see if I’m just imagining that.

The only nursery Ray provided that currently has ‘Angel Red’ is Forestfarm Nusery, and it is tube-sized. Ray, any other online sources that actually still have Angel Red in stock? Brad, if you don’t mind a teeny tiny specimen, then Forestfarm has ‘Angel Red’. Or, you can try your luck with WO like I did. My ‘Angel Red’ that came is doing fine and was in good shape, but I know it can be a crap shoot with this nursery. Edit: Just found another source, monrovia.com:


Not cheap, but it would come potted and established. And, most likely starting to leaf out.

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Patty, thanks for the Monrovia link. It’s the first time I’ve seen that they do direct mail order. It’s been several years, but the last time I tried to find something they grew there was no option to make retail purchases. It’s nice to see that either that has changed, or that I was just ineffective in my search back then.

They’re had an online store for a couple of years I think, Muddy, but it’s not obvious, nor will it come up in a Google search. It’s kind of hard to find, even on their site.

I had an Angel Red years ago but it kept getting damaged by the cold, even when I covered it. It finally bit the dust after coming up from root for three years. I now have a russian variety and you all have me wondering what kind it is! It’s four years old and has come up from root for the past three years too; however, it survived this winter so we’ll see if it flowers. Any of you have any advice on growing poms in 7B?

Ray, we have several good nurseries in Charleston that carry things you would not think they would have. Hyams Nursery was open so I called and they will have 5 gallon bush, 5 gallon espalier, and 10 gallon tree form Angel Red ordered and will have them in about 2 weeks.

Hyams, Abide-A-While and Angel Oak all carry nice fruit trees. Don’t know how much you go to Charleston but that is an option.

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‘Angel Red’ is an excellent pom as is ‘Wonderful’. Between the two trees, I have more than enough poms for fresh eating. I bought AR at a local Armstrong Garden Center. Mine is starting to bloom as we speak:

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