Pomegranate tasting at Wolfskill Experimental Orchard, 2016

Here are some notes and photos from pomegranate tasting at Wolfskill Experimental Orchard (Winters, CA, Nov-05-2016). A total of 18 pomegranate cultivars have been presented for tasting, divided into three groups:

Sin Pepe (DPUN 82)
Sumbarskii (DPUN 132)
Utah Sweet (DPUN 164)
Sogdiana (DPUN 143)
Kolobok (DPUN 119)
Al-Sirin-Nar (DPUN 60).

Parfianka (DPUN 15)
Gissarskii Rozovyi (DPUN 107)
Desertnyi (DPUN 108)
Vkusnyi (DPUN 17)
Myagkosemyannyi Rozovyi (DPUN 139)
Salavatski (DPUN 62)

Pamyati Rozanova (DPUN 113)
Phoenicia (DPUN 55)
Molla Nepes (DPUN 14)
Agat (DPUN 105)
Wonderful (DPUN 37)
Haku-Botan (DPUN 7)

My favorites based on flavor (including sweet-sour balance), flesh-to-seed ratio in arils, and seed softness (by type, in no particular order):
Sweet: Utah Sweet, Sogdiana, Kolobok
Sour-Sweet: Parfianka, Gissarskii Rozovyi, Desertnyi, Vkusnyi
Sour: Pamyati Rozanova

My top three favorites: 1. Vkusnyi, 2. Desertnyi, 3. Parfianka.



Wish I could attend such an event. Perhaps next year.

Here’s a question:

Which variety of Pomegranate available in the US is similar to the Omani Pomegranate?

According to the Alabama pomegranate association:
" The Omani pomegranate is known for its light yellowish red colour, sweet taste and light red soft seeds. Some pomegranates can weigh up to 1kg. The Omani Pomegranate is superior to other pomegranate varieties grown in the surrounding region that makes it a sought after fruit. It is reported to be one of the best pomegranates in the world."

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