Price of Hay in your area?

Hi Folks. I’m curious and I bet others here are as well, about the price of Hay across the country and in the southeast.

For those who know and are willing to take few seconds to post it, can you please tell us a little about hay where you live.

Mostly I’m interested in common grass hay- price per roll and price per bale.

Might also be fun to know if and how much that price has gone up recently (ie what was the above priced hay selling for 1-2 years ago…

Others might also like to hear about the price of specialty hays like alfalfa hay, oats, Timothy, etc.


Here on the TN/KY border outside of Nashville, a roll sells for about $40 for typical grass hay. Bales can be anywhere from $3.00 to $10 (the high end are prices at retail stores in town that sell very small quantities to city-folk who want to do hay-bale gardening and call themselves farmers. haha)



I sell it for $600 for brome for about 28 acres = 150 large round bales they need to put up. They pay fertilizer, string, fuel, equipment up keep etc. That puts the hay worth around $26 for 1200 pounds in the heart of the bread basket where there is lots of cows, grain and hay. I’m giving them a really good deal. Have to much land to work it all right now and they are my friends kid who’s getting started. They can build their herd with that it’s really good grass. In neighboring states it can be $100 a bale they have no grass only trees and houses. Why spend the fuel and get the permits and pay the trucker for $30 a bale ?

I don’t know current prices around here, but bet you won’t find it, much longer, for $40/roll, what with the major increase we’ve seen in the cost of fuel, fertilizer and supplies.
I’ve even seen some folks on some of the cattle discussion boards opining that they’re not going to cut/bale hay this year… will just graze, and probably reduce cow numbers come winter feeding time.
We have some large-acreage crop farmer friends who’ve told us a lot of farmers will be cutting back on acreage planted this year, due to cost of fuel & fertilizer this year.

Guy who’d been cutting hay on shares with me for a few years, since we sold the cows, backed away, because he wouldn’t or couldn’t afford the fertilizer cost. Guess he’s gonna continue ‘mining’ the soil of a few other locals who are just glad to have their little pasture/open field mowed.
But… we have a young couple, just starting out, who we’ve taken under our wing, and we’re just ‘giving’ them the hay… provided they fertilize and do the mowing/raking/rolling (though I’ll probably end up mowing a large part of the place, as he works days and I’m retired.


We are around $65/bale in south central texas, currently. Thats normal – there was a HUGE surplus last year, and even our spring drought hasn’t jacked up prices yet due to availability. In the worst drought of 2011 (~3years below average rainfall), hay was going for as much as $150. Normal droughts usually bump it to about $90 or so. Lowest I’ve ever seen was $40, but admittedly that was nearly a decade ago.


What are the transportation costs? around here it is said that the same hay from 25 miles costs twice as much as hay from next door.

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My friend said $3 a mile is normal over the road. 40,000 pounds I think to a truck. They try to get guys for $2 but noone does it. In my area they have a $5 fee to load it and $5 to haul it. If your within 20 miles hay costs bale + $10. Large quantities are large discounts.

Out here we feed alfalfa and in the mountains around Prescott it is 20.00 for a hundred pound bale of number 1 hay. Last load we got we drove an hour and it was almost 18 a bale in Wickenburg.
A man we know that deals in hay says that the two mega dairies in the world, one in India and one in China are buying up all the hay they can get and that is driving prices up 70 bucks a ton. So the high prices are unlikely to drop, even over the summer.

Perks of living in a “global economy.”

We are going to start growing hay in our orchard.

UPS wants to charge over 600 bucks for shipping on 300 lbs of seed.



Go down to the trucking office and ask them to pick up the seed on a back haul or send it under a Greyhound bus in the luggage compartment.

My BIL does not do the large round bales… does the smaller square bales… (several thousand a year) and for 5.00/bale.

He sells to our local Farmers Co-Op too… and I think for that same price… but they mark it up a buck or two.

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The lady in the office repackaged breaking the 50 lb bags down to multiples of 40 and saved us 150.

That helps.


We’ve been buying horse quality hay for $50 a large bale and that has been a super good price from a very local supplier. He says it will go to at least $75 with the fertilizer/fuel increases. Cattle hay has been running $40 to $45. Few years back it got up to $110-120 horse quality. Squares run $6-7 at good price.

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