Primocane black raspberry any good?

Anyone grow ohios treasure black raspberry primocane? I heard niwot is bland. Are there any other black primocane raspberries?

If niwot is bland then whatever these people think is “not bland” must be insane. My niwot is literally my second favorite fruit behind mangoes.

I have Ohios treasure and Bristol black raspberries. The Ohios Treasure is still only a few inches bigger than when it came and the Bristol has not produced for me yet. Meanwhile my Anne raspberries have produced a little but are still small, my Tayberry which I got this year are starting to overtake places but still are too early to fruit and my blackberry (prime arch freedom and snowbank are all massive).

My Niwot is tasty, but rarely puts out primocane fruit in my location. The floricane crop is abundant and of good flavor. My Ohio’s treasure plant is very small, and having trouble growing with some competing trees, but puts out primocane fruit consistently.

Not sure where you are located, but I have removed my primocane bearers (haven’t tried blackcap primocanes) due to Spotted Wing Drosophila. Main crops are early enough, but the fall crops get wrecked.