Pristine apple reveiw

So this is a little backwards but I purchased a pristine Apple this year and I was wondering if any one had tried this verity? What did u think of the fruit?

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In my area it is the best “summer apple” I have seen including the heritage apples.

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That is good to hear, I am a little hesitant to believe the sales pitch you get in the catalog.

I really like pristine. It is crispy and will store for quite a while for an early apple. Good flavor. Good for applesauce and good in the blender with orange juice.

I like the way that sound swamps. I never tried one in a blender with oj

My pristine has only just started to fruit the last year or two, but I’m very pleased with it so far.

It’s a fine Yellow D. type summer apple here. I don’t much care for summer apples but this is a good one.

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Pristine is thin-skinned so it will bruise easily. But the skin and fruit blends up in the blender leaving a very nice texture. Throw a banana in the blender with the orange juice and fresh cut pristine apple. Add an ounce or two of your favorite vodka if desired.


Swamps, try some fresh peach with that- should be peak season.

How does Pristine compare to Ginger Gold? They sound somewhat similar, both GD-type early apples.


Pristine ripens a month or more ahead of Ginger Gold in my area and offers a lot more tolerance to fireblight. Overall, GG is a much better apple than Pristine but you can not eat a fresh GG in my area during July, 4 like you can Pristine.


I’m glad to see the overall positive reviews for Pristine. Mine is loaded with flower buds, so I hope to get my first taste this year.

How many years have you had you’d planted Rob?

When does Pristine bloom? My Mutsu, Fuji, Hawaii, and Goldrush are starting to bloom but my Pristine graft is still dormant, buds are just starting to swell a little.

Thanks Alan, I will try some peach in the blender mix.

I agree that Ginger Gold is a better apple than Pristine for two reasons. First, just the quality of the apple itself, but even more, because it can be harvested over a long period because it is very good before it is truly ripe. Like Williams Pride you can harvest it over a month period, but WP ripens its apples at different periods while GG can be eaten at various stages of ripeness.

Pristine is very good for a week and then turns to mush on the tree. Doesn’t last in the fridge long either. Still it is richly flavored for such an early apple and sweet lovers should like it more than William’s Pride.

I harvested my first 3-4 last year here in DAllas, they were great. Each one was eaten within 5 minutes of picking so I can’t say how well they store.

Derby, this is its 3rd season in the ground. It also flowered last year. I believe it’s on M7.

Thanks for the info Rob. Mine is a standard so it may be a bit longer. I believe m7 is a semi dwarf, correct ? I’m not that good with Apple rootstocks.

Yes, it is. Orange Pippin has a simple and easy to read rootstock chart: Rootstock Chart.