Problem with my Weeping Santa Rosa Plum. Is it Bacterial Canker?


I have a young Weeping Santa Rosa Plum tree (about 3 years old) and it has developed a crack and is oozing sap. I can’t find any bugs around, other than some ants that were crawling up and down it. The tree is in Carson City, Nevada. Any ideas of what could have caused this problem? I appreciate your help!

I can’t see the

Sorry about that! I just fixed it so the image shows up. Thank you!

Hi Bradybb, Do you have any idea what this is? Bacteria Canker?

I’m not sure.How high up the trunk is the wound?Are there Cicadas in your area or maybe mechanical injury?bb

The injury to the trunk is about 12 inches from the ground. I noticed the new growth on branches is dying on top of the tree. We don’t have cicadas in the area and there was no mechanical injury. The tree was planted last April so it is very young. It has not been sprayed with anything. I noticed a smaller injury to the trunk that is about 3 or 4 inches above this injury.

Do you see wood shavings near where you see the sap flow? If so, it could be a Plum borer that can be contained with insecticide.


I don’t see any wood shavings any where near the tree.