Prok and Yates American persimmons


@cousinfloyd I recently attended the 2017 NAFEX/NNGA annual meeting. Jerry Lehman basically said during his presentation that Meader is worthless and full of seeds. I know that doesn’t really answer your question. Also, I do have Prok and Yates, but no fruit yet. It appears these more northern cultivars grow extremely slowly down here in zone 8. Also, the leaves are riddled with dark brown blotching, I read something about this in a pomona article. I may be able to locate it. The hybrids are very vigorous for me.

Also, Jerry did mention something about part of a “female” tree developing male flowers. I need to look at my notes, if I took any.


Don’t know if this qualifies as an answer but ‘Szukis’ is hermaphrodite.



These Prok fruits are perfectly riped and the skin cracked. They are delicious.


Jerry Lehman's Orchard Fall 2017


Tomorrow I will visit Jerry Lehman.



does Lehman work with Asian-American hybrids? If you think of it, can you ask him his opinion of the best “Asian persimmon-flavored” hardy hybrids, released or even just in pipeline?

I have a few things I’m going to try nursing along a few years, and perhaps growing Tony-in-Omaha-style, but I assume Lehman might have some inside info…


He likes a lot, ‘Rosseyanka’ and ‘Nikita’s Gift’. I’m sure others will come up tomorrow and I’ll have my ears wide open.



He brought the JT-02 from Japan to Terre H. Indiana. I think he got something else from Ukraine Botanical gardens.



Tony et al,
My friend gave me his persimmons today. They are only2" or less wide. I think they are A persimmon. He did not know the variety. They were perfumed and sweet. Seedless.

Spoke too soon. Some had seeds, small, thin seeds that I could easily chewed.


Your Prok are more round and flat while @tonyOmahaz5’s Prok are more cone shape. Don’t you think.

I asked because my friend texted me saying the persimmon he sent me were either Prok or Yates. I compared mine to the pics of Prok and Yates. Mine looked like Yates.


Yes you appear right. This is the 1st year it has held fruit to mature for me. It has a Virginiana ish leaf so I am not sure if it was not true what it would be. This tree was from Stark Brothers. I have a Prok from Chestnut Hill that has not fruited yet. I still have a couple fruits on it. I am thinking they are not as squat as the fruit I showed


My friend also bought his persimmon trees from Starks several years ago. I think he may have bought both Prok and Yates. I know he has two trees. That’s why he said it could be either of two.


I’ve eaten Prok now from Red Fern Farm and from Jerry Lehman’s. Prok is oblong and not flat and squat.

This is Prok during my visit at Red Fern Farm:



I have Yates from them Starks as well. It is a smaller fruit, The one I posted if by chance is not Prok is not Yates/juhl. I might have to go back and see what else Stark Brothers carries The foilage has an American look to it. The fruit looks a lot like my Nikita’s gift


Mine are definitely round and squat. They are not big, about 2", more or less.

Since my friend has only Prok and Yates. I feel confident that these are Yates.


I’ve never seen Yates. You’re right though.




The persimmons that you showed are Yates. They are round and squat. Prok is a little bigger at 2 1/2 inches and oblong. How did you like the taste? Nothing like the Fuyu type. I liked them a lot.



Nothing like Fuyu, indeed. These Yates have strong perfume when biting into them. They are sweet. The texture is soft,

I like the texture and the sweetness. After eating 4 in a row, I don’t know if I like such perfume I tasted. (It sounds weird but it had strong perfume, hard to describe). It was almost too intense for me.


Maybe just eat two at a time so you want them more. I will try to dry some next year.



Are you saying I should stop overeating? :smile:


How does Prok taste? Is it similar to Yates. If not, could you please describe the taste. Thanks.