Prok and Yates American persimmons


Prok tastes a little milder than Yates. Not as strong perfume taste and just about the right sweetness. I like it better than Yates.



Thanks. Will ask that friend if he has any Prok left.

He told me his Prok tree died. Too bad.


Is it worth growing both in your opinion? Or just Prok?


Tony are you the one with experience wrapping kaki persimmons? Have you tried the less cold-hardy Hachiya with your method? Was there dieback?

Instead of stuffing with leaves, would just wrapping with a 2.5 oz heavyweight frost blanket be enough? No tarp? It’s supposed to offer up to ten degrees protection… I’m zone 5b/6a.


I got a 7 years old Ichi non-astringent Asian persimmon in ground and wrapped up with a light bulb yearly. I have not try the Zone 7 Hachiya. I do have 4 Tam Kam and a Greatwall in pots for trials. I am more into the cold hardy Hybrids now like Rossyanka, JT-02, Nikita’s Gift, and Kasandra. I am getting old and not sure if I wanted to do Winter protection on the less cold hardy Kaki anymore.



How does Early Golden compare to Prok and Yates? Would I be happy with Prok as my only American, or is Yates something not to be missed?


I would go with Prok. Very large American persimmon. Self fruitful and very tasty. No trace of Astringency when soft ripe.



I have not had Prok, but I can vouch for the flavor of Yates. They are delicious. Mine were seedless as well, and as far as I know there are no male trees in my neighborhood. They were also a month earlier than Nikita’s Gift or Saijo in my maritime WA State orchard. There was some astringency in the skin, and they are not very large - similar in size to sweet treat pluerry.JPGJPG


I have Prok already :slight_smile: I am just debating if I need Yates or Early Golden too, or is Prok similar enough that I won’t be missing out on anything special. ??


Instead of getting a Yates, get an excellent Hybrid like JT-02, the best of both worlds in good taste and cold hardy. Steven, SMC, got some fruits from Cliff England to try out. You can buy one at



That looks really good, how big is the tree?


Maybe 8 feet tall. I think this was its 3rd leaf, maybe 4th.


@tonyOmahaz5 Tony- or anyone else- is any of your American persimmon varieties notably precocious?

How long on average does it take an American persimmon graft to bear fruit? (Not talking about a newly planted tree- just topworking). Thanks.


I had fruit this year on both of two Ruby trees I grafted in '14, and they were very tasty.


Prok coming along nicely this year. Looking forward to these and my first taste of 100-46 this year.


Hey SMC_zone6, how did the 100-46 taste compared to other persimmon you’ve tried (like Prok)?
I’m curious as I have a 100-46 in front of my house and a Prok in the back (my WS-810 died, but maybe you’ve tried that one too to compare the 3? Debating putting another WS-810 in the back).


Prok was the best. I haven’t tried WS-810, but I think if you have space for another persimmon you should consider the hybrid JT-02. That’s probably my favorite persimmon I’ve tasted across the board – hybrids, American, and kaki.


Does anyone have any experience with inter stem grafting? Being in zone 5 I’m limited to Virginia or hybrids. But if I grafted Rosseyanka as an interstem between Virginia rootstock and say Prok what would the dwarfing effects be if any?


Rosseyanka takes on the growth characteristic of Virginiana, except a bit of hybrid vigor. JT-02 is reported to have a slow spreading habit. Also, Lehman’s Delight is a small grower.


Thanks for the reply. I was really hoping to hear that it was give at least some vascular restriction to end up with a smaller tree. I have one potted Nikita’s gift and from everything I’ve read on here it’s gonna stay potted for a while.