"Prolific" Hardy kiwi?


Does anybody have experience with “Prolific” hardy kiwi? Do they taste good and are they really self fertile? According to the label they can even be used to pollinate other females. Is this possible?
For what ever reason I haven’t been able to keep a male kiwi alive and I desperately need a pollinator. Last year I had a huge flush of blossoms and no fruit on my 2 “Jumbo” argutas. The “Prolific” plants have been showing up in the big box stores like “Home Depot/CAL Ranch” and the price is low. I would buy one but I really need the space for something that can pollinate my other females.
It seems the big box stores have stepped up their game this year because they had other fruits that have have never seen locally like hardy fig, goji berries etc.


You need to know if it is Kolomikta (Arctic Beauty) or Arguta type. I’ve heard them both called “hardy.” I suspect that one is a male. They are supposed to be more ornamental. I wouldn’t buy it unless I knew for sure what it is. I’ve never heard of a variety called “Prolific.” Try Googling it.


Here’s a blurb on it: http://retail.degroot-inc.com/product_info.php/cPath/25_45/products_id/856

Definitely arguta. Must be a pollen monster if it is supposed to be able to pollinate females as well as itself. You’d think we would have heard more about it.


I’ve had the same problem. Mine grew very slowly and then died after 3 yrs. “Prolific” sound like a good option if it performs as advertised.


I saw these at Costco a couple days ago and have been meaning to google them. I have an Anna and a Meader that are just a couple years old. I don’t think I have room for a third hardy kiwi given the sizes they can reach.


So far my male is as vigorous (well none of them are VERY vigorous…yet…) as the females, except for “Issai” which just sulks, puts on a little growth, then that burns, and it goes dormant. Since we’ve actually had rain this season I’m hoping it will get farther along this year. I grew them all in containers for a few years trying to get some kind of root system developed (very tiny starter plants) and this is their second year in the ground. I’ve got almost complete lateral arms on two of them…Just keeping my fingers crossed…


I splurged and bought a “prolific” at home depot today, how could I say no it was only $10. It is already growing and well ahead of the outdoor kiwis. I will keep it indoors until it is time to plant the garden around the first to mid May. Then maybe in the next year or so we will see if it can actually pollinate the other plants.


Any updates on this…I plan on putting in Hardy Kiwi this year.


Kolomikta kiwis aren’t the speediest things, but they get there eventually. I planted several in 2009 and 2010. Had a good crop last year (2018). The nicest plants came from One Green World. They were about two or three years ahead of the scrawny ones from Gurneys.