Properly Identifying the Tenn. AYRES Pear

I am ordering an Ayers Pear from Raintree Nursery (1st pic)ayres pear - raintree nursery that I was thinking would be the AYRES pear (Anjou x Garber cross) developed at the Univ. of Tenn. back in the 1950’s and named after Dr. Brown AYRES, former Pres. of UT. However, there is an AYERS Pear from Kansas that is similar but different from the Tenn. AYRES pear.
I have posted pictures of what are advertised as an AYERS Pear but they look different. Which one is the true Tenn. pear with the nice sweet flavor and fireblight resistance?ayers-pear-fruit_1


There’s a total confusion with these pears names. The Kansas pear is called AYER (no “s” at the end), and the Tennessee pear is called AYRES. However, when you look at what nurseries sell, it’s AYERS and god knows what it really is. And photos on nursery websites are often completely unrelated to the variety they’re selling.



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Most likely Frank, if you just call them and speak with their horticulturist, she can tell you it origin. It’s a very friendly and reliable nursery, goood folks, call them!
Kent wa


Thanks. I sent a message and the rep said they would speak to the horticulturalist and I have not heard back yet.

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Yes on the ayers thread I posted this which describes all about it. The top photo on post # 1 by wfwalton on this thread is ayers.

Ayers and the tenn are different pears. They are reportedly from the same breeding program which I documented here in 2017 Pear buds, blossoms, and fruit 2017 - #171 by clarkinks . Want to make sure Noone confuses Ayer and ayers as well Anyone growing the Ayer pear? Its not the same pear as Ayers

Just as a side note o.h. Ayer from Kansas was also the breeder of Douglas pear not just Ayer and there are others. Douglas Pear

@coolmantoole is familiar with tenn and the other southern pears like Ayers pear! - #50 by clarkinks Dr. Natelson is known for bringing attention to which he discusses Stacey Pear fruit - #2 by coolmantoole
Not to be confused with Tennoshui pear it is another completely different pear

I’m sure your all aware by now but there is more than one tenn pear. But you can read about that in the descriptions I posted. Honestly feel you will get more information there than anywhere. Growing both ayers and tenn.

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