Protecting fruits from wildlife

I started protecting my fruit from the birds with organanza bags since last year and it worked. The birds the not longer eating my fruit.

Leah-cot Apriums.


Nice color bags, too. What size of the bags do you use for these apriums?

Organza did not scratch the fruit?
I was thinking green organza. Blend with leaves maybe. Afraid with stonefruit that it might be scratchy

Organza bags do not scratch fruit but it does not protect against moths laying egg through the material. OFM and PC did that to my organza bags. Also, it does not protect against squirrels or other rodents taking fruit with bags and all.

To protect against birds, best avoid red bags. Organza bags come in all kinds of colors. They are used for party favors but we, the clever gardeners, have better ideas :smile:for them.

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Camo organza
-this is not the fruit u are looking for-

I think i read u did organza with surround?
Should make surtound last longer yes?

5 x 7.

No, I doesn’t scratch the fruit.

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:+1:t2: Ty

hope everyone had a reasonable thanksgiving. :slightly_smiling_face:

has anybody used organza bags on blackberries?
my prime arks are still putting out buds in zone 10.

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I have used what I call BroGanza (synthetic screen) on a limited bases with fair results. If the bags have good air exchange they should work. My attempts were only to get a few to eat fresh.

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broganza? for growing broganic crops? approved by princess leia brogana? :grin:

thanks for the tip, aub. what bag sizes have you found useful?

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I like the large bags. They slip over the side canes of PAF easily.

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coolio, aub. would 10" x 12" be sufficient?

and. . . “OGANZA BISASA.”

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Yes. It should be ok.

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this is how i protect my figs