Purchacing IMIDAN in NY State?

I have seen the use of IMIDAN insecticide mentioned quite a bit but when searching to purchase some the message of cannot ship to my state of NY pops up. How can I purchase some? :pleading_face:

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I am not sure why you get the cannot ship message. It may be that use of Indar is restricted in NY in some way. Perhaps @alan could help. He is in NY state and uses Indar.

According to this chart, Keystone will ship it to you. https://www.keystonepestsolutions.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=554
If your state is not listed, there are no restrictions in your state.
Restrictions State
Restricted - No sales to State: AK
Restricted - No sales to State: AS
Restricted - No sales to State: AA
Restricted - No sales to State: AE
Restricted - No sales to State: AP
Restricted - No sales to State: FM
Restricted - No sales to State: GU
Restricted - No sales to State: HI
Restricted - No sales to State: MH
Restricted - No sales to State: MP
Restricted - No sales to State: PW
Restricted - No sales to State: PR
Restricted - No sales to State: VI

I’m so sorry. I made a big mistake asking about Indar. I should have said IMIDAN. Is it possible to change my post. I don’t know my way around this forum very well. Is it possible that a monitor could make the change? Thanks to those of you that replied.

Per Keystone, Imidan is restricted in NY.


NY has restricted the use of Imidan in the last year or two, and I ran out this spring. I’m scrambling to find a replacement.

I am using Assail and Avaunt. Much, much easier to handle than Imidan.

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You would have to drive to CT to purchase it and it would be illegal for you to use it. I am glad I no longer need to cut open those bags to reduce to quantities suitable for a 25 gallon tank. Its very dusty stuff. It’s a last generation insecticide. I’m with Ribs, but Avaunt is only legal in NY for commercial production- a term with a fairly lax legal definition it seems. Anyone can put a small fruit sales stand out on the edge of the road by their house. Avaunt is fine against coddling moth and plum curc. Not good against plant bugs or pear psyla. That’s where the Assail comes in. I mix them together.


It’s been restricted for much longer than that as far as requiring a spray license to purchase it. Has it tightened beyond that? OP’s are just about finished in this country.

I’ve been working with the same purchase for about 4 years now, so when I finally used it up this spring it was only then I realized I could no longer order it. I couldn’t agree more regarding breaking open those dissolvable bags and how dusty Imidan is. With 600 trees in the orchard now I should have no problem claiming commercial production. Thanks Alan and @ribs1 for the info, I’ll give in and spend the $ for Avaunt and Assail.

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The active ingredient in Assail is acetamiprid. If Assail is too expensive for small gardens there are other less expensive product containing acetamiprid.

Avaunt has Indoxacarb as the active ingredient. There are some options there also but I don’t know if they can be used on fruit trees.

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I have been using Imidan since 1981. One year over the winter rats got into the case and into the bags. As much as that stuff stinks I am surprised they would be attracted to it. They chewed open a couple of bags. Didn’t see any dead rats but I would think it would do them in quickly.

Imidan is labeled for pet areas so I would take the air blast sprayer with just the lower half nozzles open and spray the farmyard if needed for ticks.

If you go to guides I have posted a spray schedule that includes pesticides packaged for homeowners that are as close to what I use as you can purchase.


I also have apple fly maggot here. I have read the information from Michigan State University about it and they say Avaunt is not preferred for that. Any first hand experience here?

Assail is expensive up front but very cheap per spray compared to consumer marketed products. Cheaper than Imidan by my calculations. Because it is granulated it will likely last a very long time.

No, but I’d be very surprised if assail didn’t offer excellent protection against it.

I’ve been using Assail for the later season this year for Codling moth and apple fly maggot. From what I understand though, I need to rotate it because the label says do not apply 2 times in a row. Also, the label says not to apply more than 4 times per year for pome fruit (maybe 5, I’ll have to read it again)
Next season I need something to rotate with Assail. Thinking about delegate. Also thinking about one of the premixes although I think they also have neonicotinoids also making them against the label to rotate with Assail. Need to read labels again.
I will not use anything that comes as a liquid because of shelf life.
Any recommendations?

Asana- a pyrethoid that is pretty cheap. The hard part is using it up.

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Is it granular or liquid?

Oh yeah, forgot bout that. Is it legal to use permethrin in your state. At least you can purchase that in small quantities. There are other formulations of pyrethroids that come in small packaging.