Pyro 2-33 Joint Order

Once I realized someone was actualy able to order Pyro 2-33. I did my internet stalking and found Heritage Nursery In Oregon. I made a commitment to buy 50 2-33 @ $1.50 each + $20s/h . I dont need but 6 or so who wants some? I can also choose caliper 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" or 3/8" I assume larger to be better.

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@Derby42 @danchappell

I only need a few but I will take up to 10 if you have excess that needs a home.
Larger caliper is better for me.

I would gladly split the order with you for some of these. Let me know how many you want to get rid of because I could use some for a small trial planting. For those not familiar with them

I think 6 enough for me.

@clarkinks 25
@danchappell 10
@lordkiwi 6

9 remaining

I’d do 5. If you can’t find an owner for the 4 left over I will take them as well.

I would be interested in the remaining 4.

Im intested in one if available.

What is the expected delivery time?

I dont know, I didn’t push for specifics. He mentioned he has time tables for shipping. Given the order is just 50 units I am not going to pester him. Just PM your address so I can turn them around as soon as they arrive.

They are here. Shipping was hire then expected.


@paul1 PM your address if your still interested otherwise I offer them up.

Address sent. Let me know about payment. Thanks.

5 of my 6 survived. All 6 would have likely survived a better care taker. I grafted 3 with cuttings I barrowed from some ragged looking home depot tress. One graft took and I have no idea what it was, other then I am preaty sure it was an Asian pear.

8 of my 10 survived and are doing very well. One was a runt that died at the end of season, the other never leafed out.

I lost 24 out of 25 due to the severe drought. That 1 is enough to experiment with.

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Anybody ordering Pyro 2-33 again. Let me know

Thats heartbreaking

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It is way to late to order for 2019, but if enough people want, we can book an order now for next year. Which is how it is normally done. The owner was kind enough to let us place an order for 50. But the more we commit to the better.

@TheCidery how did your grafts on pyro 2-33 work out?