Question on differences between Carmin & Tillamook Goumi


Is there any difference between GOUMI varieties called Tillamook an Carmine ( in terms of fruit size, taste and growth habit (size) )?

I’m considering to purchase Tillamook variety since Carmine is not available online, but want to make sure that Tillamook is as good or equal to Carmine.

Any information on this world be appropriate.


The discussion here might be of interest to you Looking for Carmine Goumi . I’m watching this topic with interest since i have autumn olives which can be grafted over to goumi.

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I’m guessing they’re the same. When i had ordered a Carmine from Burnt Ridge Nursery, it arrived with both a Carmine and Tillamook tag.

Per Lucille Whitman they are the same.

I got my Tillamook from her