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Drew, how many cordons do you have?


Sorry! Meant cane prune.


None with grapes (I cane prune my einsett cultivar, adding Summer Royal this year, it is also cane pruned), 2 with red currants, and I was thinking of doing one for a gooseberry. I also am trying some 2 cane cordons with currants. it’s just easier to harvest, probably lower yields. . You keep laterals at one to 3 buds after fruiting.


Good day, curious if anyone knows why my eggplant is flowering but not fruiting? I bought it as a plant start Dec 22, and the first flower opened about two weeks ago and promptly fell off. I thought eggplants were self-pollinating? I bought another start in the meantime since I didn’t realize how ornamental the plants get when they’re larger, but the original one has a lot of flowers budding now and I want to know if I need to change anything before they bloom. It’s on the front porch that gets morning and noon sun and bright shade in the afternoon, watered every other day or so and monitored so the soil doesn’t dry out. Also using slow-release fertilizer, and it currently has two flowers blooming:

Edit: I have two Roma tomatoes next to the Eggplant that were bought as starts at the same time and are in exactly the same conditions and both of those have set multiple tomatoes without any assistance from myself.


Please take and post pics!:slightly_smiling_face:


One is probably better than the other. the only way to find out is do both. Do it the way you want and if it doesn’t work well, you could try the other. I’m growing Einset and I’m spur pruning for now because the vine is young and doesn’t produce very big first year vines. See how it goes. It took forever to establish. I bought a Summer Royal for spring delivery, if it doesn’t work out I may try something else.


Not sure about eggplant? Some vine fruits tend to produce male flowers first then female later. Soon both types start growing. So don’t give up yet!


I don’t know if eggplant does that since it’s essentially a tomato relative, but I do know the couple of times I tried to grow and eggplant, it behaved a lot like a tomato did and aborted fruit until it was big enough to handle it. It would only set one or two fruit period, even though it kept flowering.

That’s when I discovered not only was it a big plant that took up too much room, but I ruin eggplant when I cook it.


I guess I could spur prune one side of the trellis and Cane prune the other side and see which one does better


In my case with Einset it didn’t produce enough canes to cane prune. This year the new canes grew very little, if I pruned out the older canes i would have little of the plant left. It would be a lot easier to switch from spur to cane than the other way around.


I thought European type grapes use spur prune,and American type use cane prune. You probably is the vine has flowers but not set fruits. It may has to do that particular variety, or grow condition. Less related to prune methods IMO


So what is Flame? Looking at sites that sell them every other one said spur, the rest cane prune Flame, so it wasn’t very helpful.


flame is not Vitis labrusca, therefore spur prune is more proper than cane prune


How big of a water sprout is likely to air layer successfully? I have some thumb sized maybe two year old fairly lengthy sprouts on my flowering Magnolia that would make great trees for my mom’s yard if I could get them separated. I was thinking of trying to root a fairly lengthy spiral all summer and then cutting them to hopefully like a six foot whip in the winter and growing them in tree pots in shade next year.


I have a strange situation I am simply curious about and wonder if anyone has any explanations. We had a longer, colder winter this year compared to most years. That being said, we really didn’t have any EXTREME cold (our lowest temp was -2 (one night) and we only got below 5 degrees about 4 times. Anyway, the strange thing I am talking about is that I have 1 (sort of 2) peach trees and all 4 of my apricot trees Just flat out didn’t bloom, or only had a hand full of blooms on one tree. Now let me be clear, though…the buds or blooms were not killed by cold- they just never formed at all. I’ve had buds frozen -even at an early stage of development) and then they never grow larger or bloom. But my 2 peach trees and all my apricot trees have absolutely no trace or hint of the formation of any flower buds. They are starting to leaf out just fine and everything else looks perfectly normal on the same trees. Also my other peach trees seem to be blooming fairly normally…though I think all my trees have about 10% less flower buds than usual. What is going on here?

Why would a tree(s) just completely fail to make buds and bloom? Very curious! Its not a big hit to me and will allow my trees to put on more size this year I guess, so not a big deal. Just an oddity that I’d like to understand. The fun thing with fruit is LEARNING! thanks


Did those trees bloom in the past? How old are the trees?


Some peach trees just aren’t very productive. Most of the the time they improve with age, but not always. You can sort of check productivity in the fall by looking to see how many fruit buds there are before winter. Generally the standard one inside vegetative bud, flanked by the two fruit buds is what you are looking for. If you see lots of singlet buds, that’s a bad sign. A few of those will be fruit buds, but not many.


Yes, and that is part of why this is so strange. Next year I’ll pay more attention to the tree in the fall and look at the bud situation. Thanks guys.


Height of White Tail Deer for Hot Wire Placement: If I put a hot wire on fence at 48 inches above ground, will a doe White Tail run into it if walking along with head up or running? Important- finishing fence today or tomorrow. The fence is one inch square openings vinyl covered metal up to 6 feet (my HOA limit) Am adding hot wire (plus PB on alum foil) to train deer away from fence. Thanks! Steve PS


I’m counting 27 of these birds in my back yard right now. What kind of birds are they and what are they doing in my back yard :blush:?
Never seen this many at one time before. Looks like they are picking up earth worms or grubs. But I haven’t seen them before. Why this year?