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The Robins have been coming in masses way early the last few years. No food is around for the most part.




36" would be better.


Robins are a summer bird up here, when the robins come it is officially spring. They lay the loveliest sky blue eggs.


I’ve noticed Robin’s coming earlier and in larger numbers the last few years. When they arrive they eat the Holly berries that all the other birds ignore.


There might be 100 or more on my twenty ft. Tall holly trees. The are bold, rude, and boisterous and will clean the trees in four days!


Here in Northern California, I’ve noticed that the robins arrive in mid-January these days and will efficiently strip any apples still hanging on the trees.


Drew, I’ve been seeing robins this week…I’ve got crocuses blooming already too.



I was looking at Ison’s online catalog and this caught my eye - “The Harvester Peach Tree not only gives you excellent peaches but also beautiful blooms of very fragrant flowers with pink and white blooms. The Harvester Peach Tree is one of the highest yielding peach trees available and produces peaches throughout summer. The fruit is very juicy and excellent for eating right off the tree. It is also great for freezing or canning.”. Does Harvester really produce peaches throughout the summer? Antone actually grown this peach? It shows ripening July - August. I would think a 4 to 8 week spread on peaches would be pretty good, but then I haven’t gotten many peaches …


This is likely a duplicate question but is there a manual way to pollinate peach trees? I have one in a container in my basement and i would like to see if I can manually pollinate it since it is blooming early.


Most Peach varieties are self pollinating,but some are not,like Indian Free and J.H.Hale,so they need a different one to cross with.
What name is yours?
If the tree is in the bigger group,take a q-tip or small artist brush and move it around the flowers. Brady


It is a small potted Contender, I bought it from a local Krogers. It is a small tree, really too early to let it fruit. The main reason I want to pollinate it is just to see if I can do it. Thanks for the reply.


I’m in the market for a large pickaxe. The one I have has a 3ish inch wide head. I would like one with a 5 or 6 inch wide head. A large mattock would work too since I never use the spike end on my pickaxe. Does anyone know a reputable source to buy one of these wide headed tools?


In your case you can shake the tree, this is often done with tomatoes. I collect pollen from unopened flowers as most open flowers the pollen is usually gone, or much of it is gone.
I feel it is best to dry pollen a week before using. When dry it turns darker and is easier to see, I use a camel hair brush to try and put it near the stigma and into the ovary.


i got mine at lowes. they have a few sizes. pretty decent for the money. use mine to break up my rocky , clay soil.


Rogue Hoe makes really nice hoes, out of my price range though. I picked up a couple old forest service hoes a while ago on eBay and love them, you’d need to fit a handle but they are really well made.!19736!US!-1


Rogue Hoes, great quality and my help can’t break them. I bent the flat blade on my Lowe’s pickaxe digging out mulberries.


really? i beat mine on 6in. rocks and haven’t damaged mine which i thought was impressive! dig in my soil and tools don’t last too long! :wink:


Someone on this thread asked about the Harvester peach who read of a description of it bearing all season. Can’t find the question after searching for an answer. Growers in the south give it a week harvesting window, which is short as it comes. Sellers often make false claims about their merchandise, as we all must know.


Hi Alan.

I posted the original question. I am sure you are right - but I will e-mail Ison’s and see what they say.