Questions not deserving of a whole thread


Hmmmm…thank you. They were from some scraps of small potatoes I had left after prepping dinner.


Potatoes don’t like the cold. I didn’t even plant mine yet. Well it’s never cold where you are. Grow them how you would grow tomatoes. Plant when you would tomatoes.


Thank you both. I’ll give it a try again next year. I’ll have to do some more reading. I do have another seedling that’s popped up in the worm bin, maybe I’ll give it another go this year, still lots of time.


Does anyone have a photo of Goldrush apple blooms? I lost a label and am trying to figure out if a graft is what I think it is. Thanks


I think if you are trying to identify an Apple variety by its bloom you have a tough row to hoe. Most all Apple blossoms look the same to me.


Agree with @speedster.

To me, apple flowers look so silimar. Here’s the pic of Rubinette but they are surrounded by Goldrush blooms. You can zoom in to see.


Out of two grafts, I know one is Goldrush and one I’m unsure about. One of those grafts has white flowers the other has pink. So if I can see if Goldrush has white or pink flowers, I’ll know which is Goldrush, at least.


Gold Rush started out light pink. The blooms still have fainted pink in them. Honey Crisp when fully bloom turns white.


Perfect, thanks. I think I’ve got it.


Here is a little more info and a photo of the bloom. I’m sure you know this site but may not have thought to check it this time…


Well, now it’s slightly more confusing. The blooms on orangepippin are a lot pinker than Tippy’s.


The blooms of GR are light pink before the flowers open. Once they are open, the color fadesto very pale pink. Hopefully, there are fruit set. By late Oct, you will know for sure which one is a GR.


Volunteer wild blackberries in my Raspberry bed. Do these look like floricans or Primocane. I am not sure if I should remove it or wait. I was told the wild blackberries in the back where peaty tasty but I murdered them before sampling them two years ago.


do you want to keep your raspberries or grow blackberries? blackberries will quickly out compete raspberries if grown together.


Well, I wouldn’t mind tasting them. It will be pulled from the raspberry bed eventuality, but i will give it a little more time to flower. Maybe I will spray it with Triacontanol and see how it responds.


Any idea what this is? It looks like it was cut off to the ground and came back from the roots.


The wood looks 100% cherry and the leaves do to. Fruit is a little less clear. Lets see what the experts say!


Exactly my thought! I don’t have any experience with cherries, but I saw the bark and was thinking cherry all the way. I was contemplating trying to graft some edible cherries onto it. Once the fruit came on I wasn’t so sure though… looks like multiple fruits from a common stem which didn’t look very cherryish to me.


Prunus mahaleh


How many grape clusters should you leave on a table grape? I have a 2 year vine that has a bunch of clusters.