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Anyone grow Sugar Princess Peaches? If so how would you rate taste, bud hardiness, disease resistance?


I grow diamond princess which is another “super sweet” variety and reportedly developed at the same location. It is incredible- one of my favorite peaches. I also have white princess which is also a close relative and also a great peach-and it is another white peach. Don’t know if any of this helps, but my experience with the princess peaches is all good.


Thanks cityman, at least I have hope. Bought one today at Lowes on a whim. I see where Diamond Princess is a parent of Sugar Princess so maybe all will be good. How about bud hardiness - could you compare to other trees in marginal/bad frost years?


Mine came from Lowes too. And I knew they were related…I wonder if sugar princess and white princess are the same?

My white and diamond Princess are about average in terms of bud hardiness. Here on the 7a/6b line I’ve never lost buds to winter kill, only to late freezes (winter kill, to me, refers to whether a bud can be frozen and killed by severe cold in winter, whereas late freeze deaths are what happens when a bud has swollen or even started to open and then gets killed by a late frost)

Yea, I think you’ll be happy with that tree. The only other comment I’d make -and you may already know this- is that for me white peaches are just harder to grow in general. Both bugs, fungi, and birds prefer them over yellows, at least in my orchard.


I ordered some of the perennial kale seeds One Green World was offering online this year. I’m actually hoping for a variegated perennial tree kale out of the seeds I am growing. I sprouted seeds a week ago and the germination was excellent. I’ve got about 8-12 small seedlings going right now. (. I waited until cooler temps appeared on the Horizion.

The pictures online of these look very interesting as there are white-green-purple seedlings that have come from this mix (which I believe they called a grex).


Oh yeah, I gave up on lettuce except very early in the season. I use chard as lettuce through mid-summer through early winter.


Family Tree Farms “Summer Punch” I just bought a single Summer Punch plum at the grocery today. Totally delicious. Does anyone know if this cultivar is available under a diffrent name? Family Tree Farms does not seem to rename cultivars but you never know.


I made my first attempt at chip budding yesterday. I’m likely too late but thought Id give it a shot.

My question is, will I have to wait until Spring to know if they took? I covered most of the area with parafilm so it might be hard to tell if the chip dies or is alive. thanks


Should take about 2 weeks to heal
After that you should be able to see if the chip is alive looking,and healed up
Or it may turn black ,shrivel up and be loose and die


I had seen several references to NAFEX on General Fruit Growing - references to forums and scion wood swamping. So I joined today - and I see no forums, a very limited swap page and a members only swap page that does not work … Am I missing something with Nafex, maybe I had the wrong expectations?


Unfortunately , NAFEX 's web site has never been its strong point.
It is being recreated, and hopefully will be good some time soon.
Most of the activity is on NAFEX ’ s Facebook site.
I don’t do facebook much.
The annual meetings are VERY worthwhile.and highly recommend !
This site ( is what I always wanted NAFEX 's site to be,
But thanks to Scott its here, so here we are.


Do any of the online nurseries sell European pears on betulifolia rootstock? The only place I have found so far is Arboruem. Asian pears on betulifolia do really well in some of the very hard clay soil in my yard, I would hope the European pears would do the same on betulifolia. I tried some European pears on the OHXF series rootstock but they look like they will stunt due to the poor soil.


Cummins used to but it looks like they stopped. I had a problem with Euros on BET, they were too vigorous. But maybe thats just what you need…

Pears are easy to graft and Burnt Ridge sells BET for $2.50 a pop.


Thanks Scott! :slight_smile:


What’s a good spacing to use for highbush blueberries planted against a privacy fence as a hedgerow? They will be planted 20" away from the fence. I was thinking of a 3.75’ spacing. (See profile for varieties)


i have mine 4’ apart and mine are in 4th. leaf and still have about a ft. between them.


What variety do you have? My Patriot put on 18" of growth this year, but it was mostly vertical. Did worse last year (first leaf) with only about 8" of growth.

Online suggestions usually don’t mention variety and vary from a minimum of 2’ spacing to 4’ spacing which is a pretty large difference.


i have 2 northblue, northsky, patriot, and razz. razz was just planted this spring on the end of the line and is still small.


Does anyone know what is causing the leaves on my Desiree peach tree to turn red? I does not look like peach leaf curl comparing to pics I Googled, unless it at some early stage. I had PLC on my Indian Cling Peach tree earlier in the year, but it was only a few leaves that I plucked, and no sign since then.


Yes it is cultivar dependent, but most at least 4 feet. My oldest is a Chandler and it is 5 feet wide, and 6 feet tall. Some go to 8 feet tall.


That could be part of the abscission process that happens normally in the Fall. Brady