Questions not deserving of a whole thread


Now you’ve got me worried about vermin! I’ve had rats gnaw away on beets several times. Hopefully if the tubers are underground they haven’t found them.

I’ll definitely be digging at least a few this weekend to see what’s going on.


Will do, unless I see any activity from vermin in which case I’ll pull everything to get what I can.


Yes, @zendog you should definitely take a look. I get hit by some kind of rodent every year. I’ve never known for certain but i think I get him by rabbits, voles, and moles. I say that because sometimes I’ll have a potatoe that has been mostly eaten, yet not uncovered so I figure that must be a mole. Other times I’ll have something knock all the dirt off a potato that was barely covered in dirt or partially exposed already and they will eat 85% of it. I always figured this was rabbit and/or voles. Either way, when I start digging all my sweet potatoes I always find quite a few that have been completely hollowed out by some kind of critter! Very frustrating!!! Good luck with yours!


I don’t grow sweets, I grow white potatoes, but I get the same varmint problems. Voles, mostly. Also slugs

For which reasons, I pull them as soon as the vines die back in summer


I discovered my stinkbug was not not a stinkbug. It is a Western conifer bug . Whew. I looked it up as it was not squat in shape. It had a longer body and legs. :nauseated_face:


Can someone answer a question for me please? I’m wondering this: if I bury a graft and the top part takes root would I still get any benefit of disease resistance from the rootstock or is this lost? For instance - medlar on hawthorn which is possibly more disease prone vs medlar on OHxF which is less disease prone. If the graft is buried and new roots form does this even matter?