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Then, how so?


I planted harvester on Lovell in the same hole as flame prince on guardian. FP is way more vigorous so far. My Harv has low vigor and peaches very small. However the flavor was amazing last year, which was first fruiting. Better flavor than FP. I think the tree may be struggling due to really needing to be on guardian. My soil has nematodes bad. I check for borers and have found none. Mine blooms a week or so after FP so perhaps would avoid some frost? Take this with a grain of salt due to obvious confounding of variety and rootstock/vigor.


Thanks Barry!


didn’t want to start another thread so I hope this one is fine. Seems along the right vein. Anyone can help me with why this can be helpful in a garden or fruit tree going area? diatomaceous earth,…


Drew mixes in coarse DE to help hold in water in his potted plants. I’m going to mix some in my raised beds for the same reason. the fine stuff works good to dust your plants with or sprinkle on the soil. it kills bugs by cutting their bodies and they dry out and die. i use it on my plants, in my greenhouse with neem oil for bugs and molds. don’t use it on flowering crops as it will kill bees it breaks down it supplies calcium and micronutrients. its commonly added to grains and animal feed to kill and bugs that might infest it.


So not really a good outdoor idea? I am doing a couple of acres this year split between Quinoa, Amaranth, Sorghum and Sunflowers. I have found that the sunflowers and amaranth have a tough time with bugs here. I was thinking maybe treating the ground would help?


it can be tricky applying outside but if you have a dry weather span of like 3-4 days it could make a difference. in the greenhouse i really saturate my plants in the morning then apply DE later in the day once the surface of the soil drys. i don’t water for the next 3 days after.


diluted neem oil applied the evening before you put the DE will help also and the DE will stick to the plant better. just don’t apply in the sun as it can burn. applied at night it has some time to break down before the sun comes up. drench the soil around the plants too.


Sorry it took so long to get back to you. If the graft union gets below soil level and the part of the tree above the union starts to send out roots you can lose the benefits of the root stock whatever it might be i.e. hardiness, dwarfing characteristics, etc.


Anyone grow darrow blackberry? I’m wondering about its growth habit. I had planned to place it next to the house, assuming the canes would get very long. I have a espalier type trellis system up against a south facing wall of the house. Would like to know how tall they get, not much info to be had online.


Canes are not long more bushy about 4 feet tall . Prone to a virus . My first ones years ago had a virus . Hope yours are virus free . I should get to see if mine fruit this year . The virus causes poorly filled berries .


Thanks for replying, i will find a different spot for them if that’s the case. Hopefully they are virus free. I ordered from wallace woodstock who I have no previous history ordering from.


I have a question. How do you get Trademarked cultivars aside from buying a grafted plant. Does anyone sell scion that includes the royalty fee? I’m thinking of pawpaws in particular.


i have one. it grows about 6ft. but winter kills here to the snow line so i never get fruit. going to pull it and replace with some nelsons I’m getting from fedco. hardy to z 4a maybe z3b. i also have a wild canadian blackberry thats is cold hardy to the arctic . the berries are smaller but tastes is very good. nearly thornless maroon canes.


Has anyone else noticed that now days when you google almost anything fruit related, the results always include at least one and usually multiple links to this website! I just think it is really neat, and certainly a huge compliment to @scottfsmith, that in just a few short years this site has gone from being created to being probably the most relevant and helpful fruit growing website on the internet. I think all of us deserve a tiny bit of that credit. Certainly the experts here- and we all know who they are- deserve a LOT of credit because they provided the best answers and the most professional, detailed, and accurate responses. They give the site credibility and make it useful for even the most advanced fruit grower, as well as the inexperienced. But I feel like everyone here who is active deserves a tiny bit of credit for making it the success it has been. It is because us non-experts are here asking questions that create threads with great answers which become historic resources for the world to use. Also, even someone like me (and many more here) who is far from being an expert, still can offer at least empirical evidence. I can and do tell you how my Redhaven peaches taste, I can tell you how susceptible my Ayers pear is to fire blight, or what sprays work to prevent black rot on my grapes, and so on. While conditions may differ enough that the same kind of tree will perform differently in your area than mine, these empirical observations- when in large numbers provided by many different people- certainly provided a strong basis for how a tree is LIKELY to perform at a given location. In other words, the more “reports” we post the more helpful they become.
Anyway, I guess I’m just feeling a bit nostalgic after doing a couple google searches today and realizing most of the good answers are found right here on good 'old GrowingFruit . org. I’m trying to say that I’m grateful to Scott, and to our resident experts, and to everyone that posts almost anything about fruit here.
One last compliment to Scott for keeping this site ad free and not trying to profit from it. Heaven knows there are VERY few web designers who would see a web site take off and be as successful as this one and not start trying to figure out how to profit from that. And to be honest, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for him to expect some income on a site that takes a lot of time and effort to create and maintain. It has been years since he has even asked for donations to help pay for servers and other costs I hope we are all willing to chip in when the time comes. I for one sure love having a place to come that isn’t filled with banners and click bates and daily requests for money.
Anyone else proud of our little site?!?


Very well said, Kevin. We all owe it to Scott. It’s he who created this forum and has guided it to what it is today.

I, too, have noticed that a google search has often provide links to our forum.


Thanks Kevin! Yes isn’t is amazing what we made here? I’ve also noticed the increased hits.

The amount of time I have to put into this is very little so I don’t feel like I did a whole lot. It took me two hours to set up the first version which I ran out of a server in my basement.

The are definitely no plans for ads as far as I am concerned, I hate 'em! But we’ll be passing the hat again this summer. I’m sure we will have no problems rounding up enough to pay for things.


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(" most of the good answers are found right here on good 'old GrowingFruit . org.")

Yeah , that’s right,…
And if they are not . …no one has asked the question , yet…!
Thanks Scott … And everyone…
For making something …
Bigger …
Better …
Longer lasting …
Than all of us…
Some really important stuff here ! ! !