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So I had a surprise today. I found my first peach tree in almost full bloom. It is a Red Haven that planted in November of 2018. I am curious why it is blooming so early when another Red Haven planted at the same time is not nearly as far as long and older Red Haven that has somewhat runted is nowhere close to blooming. Any ideas why the Red Haven is blooming so early? I have other varieties that are showing pink tip, but none so far a long as the one Red Haven. In the Piedmont area of Virginia the peach trees are coming into bloom way to early.


If the tree got more chilling earlier in the fall then it will bloom earlier. Any bit of warmth above about 40F after chill requirement is satisfied will push the buds towards blooming.


I could throw out a guess that maybe the early blooming one was mislabeled and is a lower chill


That was my guess, that one or both of them are mislabeled.

My peach trees’ fruit buds still look pretty quiet, which includes a Redhaven.

I have noticed though, there are very small leaf buds on my thornless UArk blackberries peeking out. Maybe it’s the floricane berry fruit buds awakening?


I noticed a couple folks on here who are close to my location said they are already pruning their trees. Is it still a bit early to be doing that? It’s supposed to maybe get down into the teens next weekend here, and I was wondering if that would hurt any pruned trees? There’s a lot of pruning I need to do, but think I should wait a bit.


Can someone recommend a good fertilizer for non-citrus fruit trees? I’m in Zone 10a, Sunset 16 and in clay soil, if that matters. I use citrus tone for all of my citrus and avocado.

But I’m looking for a fertilizer for my apples, peach, plum, cherry, pear, apricot. and persimmon, mulberry,



Like Brady and Bob mention, I can almost guarantee that’s not a Redhaven. Not only is Redhaven a fairly late bloomer (as far as peaches go), the pic of the tree showing pink looks to be the start of showy blooms. Redhaven has non-showy blooms.

Big box stores (can tell from the tag the tree is from a big box) are notorious for selling mislabeled stock.


Good observation. It will be easier to tell once the buds open. Also the bark looks a little different.


There is/was a guy on the Garden Web/Houzz site that was very knowledgeable about container culture.I think he invented a couple of mixes that a lot of people are familiar with and use.
He found the best fertilizer ratio for most plants is 3-1-2.Miracle Gro fits that with their 24-8-16 all purpose,plus it has micros.It’s not necessary to go with that high of numbers or if using,it could be watered down.I’ve used the stuff with fruit trees and it works fine.
If a dry one is wanted instead,there are probably some with those


Ditto. A great site and great helpful people as well. TY Scott for putting up with us here.


Here in the NC Piedmont, but z7b, all my peaches are nearly that far along. We keep getting warm stretches in Feb. This year’s wasn’t as bad as the last 2 years.

I still got (incredibly delicious!) peaches last year, my 1st peach year :slight_smile: It all depends on March nights. Mine made it with lower temps than I expected, so it could all work out well.

I don’t grow Redhaven yet. But my mislabelled showy-flowered tree (Not Reliance) turned out to be bud hardy and tasty. Maybe that’s yours, too, lol.


How often does he recommend that we use something like Miracle Grow 24-8-16? How much of it do you use per inch of trunk on your fruit trees? I’m worried about burning my trees.


It seemed like everything he grows is container and also does bonsai.One of his sayings is ‘weakly weekly’.
If the trees are in the ground,there shouldn’t any problem with over doing it,according to the directions on the box.One or two tablespoons per gallon of water,every 2-3 weeks.
I grow a number fruit trees in containers and used what the instructions call for and they did


Do you also use it for your citrus? I have used Miracle grow on my citrus trees when they start to turn yellow because I read that the nitrogen helps break down my clay soil’s so that the tree can access iron already in the soil. I normally use Citrus tone and then use miracle grow if they show some yellowing. I wonder if I should try a year of just miracle grow on the citrus.


I have one Mandarin that is young and still in the treepot,from the grower.That has been getting a small amount of Foliage Pro,(which is 9-3-6)about 1/3 strength.
Miracle Gro should be fine for


I saw a humming bird and bees feeding at a nectarine tree today. The humming bird was aggressive and the bees gave up. I know humming birds eat insects, but do they eat bees? and which one is more beneficial as pollinators? The bees are only about 1/2 inch in length so they can go through the netting if need to.


Seems like both humming birds and bees are very good for growing fruit trees. I will not interfere with nature, and hope there will be more flowers coming for them all.