Questions not deserving of a whole thread


When it comes to grafting cherries, which way can the graft go: sour onto sweet, sweet onto sour, or does it matter?


I have great success with takes for sour onto sweet. I haven’t tried the other way yet. And this hasn’t been for long, but everything grew well so far.


I need to protect some of my apple trees from deer in the late fall, and the tree’s still have leaves on them. My issue is that if I use deer netting for the top, snow can collect on it and crush the tree. I have welded wire up to 6ft around the trees, but the deer seem to still be able to get over the top of the fence…that’s why I throw the deer netting over the top. What other options might I consider? I need something to protect the top of the tree, but not crush the tree in the event of snow.


I have made “tops” out of concrete reinforcing mesh (6"x6"). It works as long as you have enough height above the tree top to keep the deer out. The deer can reach their noses thru the mech half a foot to a foot or so, so as long as you have more distance it works.


I saw a cheap Royal Giant nectarine that’s still available. I’ll use it as a tree for grafting, but I’d like to keep some of it.

Does anyone know if it’s a good choice? I’m in z7b, NC Piedmont, growing on quartz, granite, etc, with lots of wind, so no drainage issues and relatively drier than usual for mid-NC.


I think bonitapplebump Is growing in the ground not in containers… So that would be very different fertilizer recommendations correct?

I also am trying to figure out how to fertilize my in ground stone fruit. I did a soil test and I have everything in excess except Nitrogen:

Should I add Ammonium Sulfate or Urea? Is now a good time to add it? Should I bring up the ph or is it good enough? Our water is very alkaline, so when I water over the summer it should help maybe…


Another question not worthy of a thread: Do pomegranates stain wooden decks? If so, can the stain easily sand out? How about concrete?


Miracle Grow should be okay for potted and in ground plants.I use it in early Spring sometimes,because of the fairly high nitrogen number,to get my plants going.
A soil test is the way to go.
Yours probably will benefit from Urea nitrogen rather than a Sulfate type,which can lower pH.I’d look for something high in N,low to zero P and a little K.
The pH is a bit low.Maybe add some lime.
If things are growing,yes,then it’s okay to start


Can anyone identify this weed that i get every year? It almost reminds me of amaranth or chenopodium, but stays very low to the ground.
Edit to add that this is in northern Kentucky


I get it here in SW Ohio as well. It usually grows very well in non grassy areas. I do not know what it is called. " a pest"


That’s …Acalypha…rhomboidea


Thank you!


Does it have small sticky ( like velcro) seeds on it?


@MikeC , No, not like Velcro


Okay, I did not think so. There is another one that is all over the place as well. It is in my black raspberries. The seeds are like velcro.

The one pictures has just long runners and small yellow flowers. It grows in non grassy areas in my yard and in my flower beds.

TH for your answers.


The velcro like seeds are probably bedstraw . I have that weed .


These look different anyway. The velcro ones grow more up right and are in my black raspberries. I get them all over my pants and shoes when I get in the canes to pick the berries.
I will look that one up. Those things stick to every bit of clothing they can get on.


Mike, you might check out Desmodium canadense, showy tick trefoil. Those seeds are sticky buggers. If you described the sticky seeded plant in your raspberries, I missed it, so maybe this is way off base.


It is hard to find a place that has all the nasty weeds on it. Usually you find all the pretty plants listed.


Yep. Well, when you get the chance, snap a picture of it. Someone here will be able to identify it. Seeds and flowers help with ID.