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I will do that when it is in its full glory of blooming and getting those nasty tacky pods. Good idea.


I have 3 common small plants with burs here, and since we are in the same region, you likely have the same, although their are many others.
They are:
Hackelia virginiana (Virginia Stickseed)
Has small round burrs ,small white flower
Link with photo

Bidens , has a long seed with spines on end. Yellow flower.

Has purple flower , flat triangle shape sticky seeds

The first one, Virginia stick seed , is earlier , mid summer burs
The last two are more in the fall.
There are many other burs out there . Theses are the most common in our area.
For me, it helps to learn to id the plant befor it sets seed, and try to eradicate them, this usually takes less time than picking them off your clothes. But we can only do so much, at the very least learn the plant , so they can be avoided , like a snake .


I think I know what you are talking about. We have a weed here that will stick to your shoes, pants leg…even your skin. And it’s not just the seeds; it’s the stems and leaves too. I’m not sure what it’s called. I don’t have it in my yard but if you walk in like the road ditches where the weeds grow it will find you.


Could your plant be beggar ticks?
Here is a link to the seed that sticks to animals for dispersal:
I have one that has yellow flowers that I think the rabbits brought into my yard.


Anyone growing Goldrush apple in zone 4?


That would surprise me considering I could not get it to ripen in time in zone 6a before frost arrived,


Good to know. I asked because i saw it listed as a zone 4 apple in a catalogue but it sounded too optimistic to me.


They probably is correct that it will grow and even flower and fruit there. They just forget to tell us one fact that this apple takes a long time to ripen!,


Mamuang, how many days do you think Goldrush needs to fully ripen?


I am in z6b Wv, my gold rush never seam to ripen to the flavor I hear others bragging about. I let them hang until temps in the low 20s are predicted .have had them freeze solid , maybe as low as 25 ? Or so and still be ok.
Make decent dried apples, and keep, just not a lot of flavor here , very productive , easy to maintain ,


Maybe you don’t have enough season/heat.


They grow a lot of them in an orchard near Lexington. They are very tart, but also very sweet when we pick them. After they sit in storage a while the acid drops and they get sweeter. Yes, they are good off the tree, but get better after a few months. We still have some from October and they are very good.


Lexington sould be about the same, heat/ growing season as where I am. I have not properly thinned mine, and they seam to Allways set a heavy crop.
I should try thinning to see if that helps, just can only do so much.


I did not keep track re. days to ripening. It set fruit about the same time as Honey Crisp, some time in May. I let it hang until late Nov when low 20’s was forecast before I picked up. That’s close to 6 months on the tree.

In 2017, it ripened better (almost fully ripe when picked in late Nov) because we had more sun and less rain from summer to fall.
In 2108, we had so many rainy and cloudy days. That contributed to the slow ripening process.


The apple season last year was cut short by a couple weeks. I had to pick both Granny Smith and Goldrush while they were still green and too acidic for me to stomach. After 4 months of storage, they are really good now. The skin on the Goldrush turned mostly yellow.


I usually look for that red cheek on them,
Only a few on the south side in the best exposure get this.


Last year, I was happy that they finally turned from medium green to light green, never got to be yellow.

The year before some turned yellow with a bit of red cheek on them. Most turned yellow (all shades of yellow but better than green).

Apples that ripen very late will be challenging in my area. We have a Rising Sun Fuji. Last year, it took almost as long (as Gold Rush) to ripen.


Yes, yes, and yes. I have all three of those. This one has smaller velcro like balls. I have all the fun things in my yard. They grow better than the things I want to grow. Maybe I should just grow those things instead. They would all just die instead since I want them to grow.


You don’t have those wonderful things in your yard? I can ship you a lot of them to plant there at your house. So you can enjoy them just as much as I do. Send me your address. LOL


Just because they aren’t in my yard doesn’t mean they aren’t here! Lol. My little hairy dog comes in from the prowl full of what we call beggar lice. You can keep what you have!!!