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Help! What kind of problem this pear tree has? The pear tree is in Georgia. My friend’s tree.


I was looking through pictures,but didn’t find any with the yellowing in the center like those.Most had green with yellow on the edges.
The cause was deficiency of Magnesium or Manganese or Molybdenum.Over watering was another reason.
A soil test may


Brady, thanks a lot. I will have friend get soil test


For me, its very hard to tell the difference on new leaves like most of the ones in your photo. Once they get a little older, Kaki leaves are more shinny, thicker, and larger. Hope someone else can better tell from your photos, if not, show us some in a few weeks if you still can’t tell.


Well, after 4 years of waiting (they fruited a little last year but birds got them) I finally got to taste my first Josta Berries! The verdict? YUCK!!! hahaha. Not a fan, not at all. they are sooooo sour…and even a little bit bitter. The ones that got dead dead ripe were tolerable, but that’s about it. I’m going to try to make some jam and see how I like it- it could be good. I don’t mean to insult others who enjoy these fruits, and I’d love to hear from folks who do. But for me, its been 4 years of waiting for a disappointment! Oh well, I’ll keep them anyway.


Thanks for letting us know, I was considering trying to grow some jostaberry after seeing them pop up for sale on a few nursery sites.
I was also similarly disappointed with tayberry after growing it a couple of years but I may not have given it enough time. It threatened to usurp my whole bramble patch…


I bought mine at tractor supply when they sell those little plants in boxes in spring. They were TINY when I planted them which is why it took 3 years to fruit and 4 years to produce a good crop. Apparently some people like them, so don’t just take my word for it, but I sure don’t…not yet. AS you say, I’ll try them another year or two. Birds still enjoy them so maybe they will eat more of them and less of my other things in that window (blueberries for one)


I don’t recall my Josta berries are sour. Mine taste like gooseberry with blackcurrant scent.


I agree that they taste a lot like gooseberries, but I think gooseberries are a bit sour too, but I think that is because I’ve never had them fully ripe! Perhaps sour is the wrong word for Josta berry taste-maybe tart?. I’m not good at describing tastes. But yea, sour is the best I can do! ha.


I have a simple question for members live in zone5 where the winter is very cold this year. Do you see ladybugs in you yard this year? It’s so strange that I did see a single ladybud in my yard! My pear trees have aphids and I am waiting for the ladybugs to come. I am kind of running out of patience now because I have been waiting for awhile now. In previous years I did same thing when I have aphids problem. I waited for a week or so then I started to see ladybugs adults and babies. I am wondering if the winter cold killed all the ladybugs but did not the aphids. Do you notice no ladybugs or reduce popular of ladybugs this year?


I’m in zone 4 and at my place it bottomed out at -35F this winter, and I am seeing ladybugs.


I’m Il. 5b. I haven’t seen a ladybug.


The temp was down to -20F this past Winter and so far no lady bugs that I have seen. But there are plenty of other bugs and insects on my jujube flowers.


There are ladybug lures, altho I can’t say I noticed they worked


Iam in Wv. And I noticed last fall that there was NOT the usual number of lady bugs trying to get in the house in the fall.
Usually there are swarms of them trying to find a warm place for the winter, … Very few. This year.
So at least here there numbers were low , before winter.
And usually the ones that do find there way in , congregat on the Windows in the spring , trying to get back out.
Had very little this year.


Depends on the gooseberry variety. Pixwell doesn’t have a lot of tart taste when it is ripe


If I am going to spend money on buying lures, I much prefer to buy some ladybugs online which is sure can control the aphids and also hopefully some of them stay in my yard


It was not extremely cold here (-13F for a low a couple of times) but very cloudy and overall a cooler winter than many. But I just started seeing ladybugs on the grass (where they usually hang out) recently. Numbers are still small but they just began showing up.


@Steve333, where are you located to be getting snow on the first day of summer?


In the foothills W of Boulder CO, at about 8300’ elevation.

To be fair, snow at higher elevations (10,000’ and above) happens year round. This just happens to be a rather cold storm front moving through and the snow level is sagging down to just above us. I believe it has already brought snow to the mtns of ID and that area. Overnight lows are forecast to be in the upper 30’sF here, so no freeze. But just seeing snowflakes falling on the first day of summer seemed a bit ironic, even for us.