Questions not deserving of a whole thread


PC is mostly over here in Maryland … once fruits are larger the curc loses interest. The only exception in my orchard is Euro plums which get late neck bites. I gave my Euros one last Surround yesterday.

I have been much better than usual about picking up fallen fruit, hopefully that will reduce my curc population next year. One of my apricot stands got a ton of curc damage, I think because there were too many dropped fruits in that area last year.

Re: curc generations, there supposedly is another generation but I rarely see signs of it so I never figured out what’s going on there.

This time of year is the first point I can relax a bit, the curc is pretty much done and I don’t have squirrels stealing apricots yet. The main focus in this interim period for me is OFM/CM, I am hitting all the apples and peach tips with oil/Bt/spinosad combo to set back the first brood of OFM/CM. So far I have seen only 3-4 OFM tip strikes total and zero CM.


I am learning that Stark Bros sell many varieties under their own name. Is the Chieftan apple sold by Stark under a different name?


Hi again everyone. I’ve got a pretty lame question for you that I don’t know the answer to. Only because I’m new. LOL this tree is a ginger gold apple tree that I wanted to graft another type on to as a new Central leader. So the first tier of apples is ginger gold and the second tier of apples is a different variety. The different variety I chose was pristine apple. The only thing it has done so far is produce flowers on all of the areas where branches would be. I do realize these flowers will be apples but will this grow a new central leader that I could eventually start a new tier of branches?
I’m honestly just happy a lot of my grafting has taken.
If it is not going to become a new central leader then I will cut it off and try a sweet 16 variety that I got as well. Or wait until next year and try again with something else.


Pick off the blossoms and make sure that the graft is the highest growth on the tree. It should produce a new terminal leader for you. Lots of our bench grafted Pristine flower. They all turn into trees just fine.


Awesome! Thank you.


How big are your trees? You may want to do a soil test.

I just planted a bunch of DWN stone fruit on citation this year. I found out from a test that my soil has lots of everything but almost 0 nitrogen. I have been sprinkling on urea and despite my trees getting half eaten by dear 6 weeks ago, they have put on a ton of growth… way more than I would have expected considering the heavy deer pruning and the fact that it isn’t even summer yet. Maybe I got lucky that the nitrogen didn’t burn the roots.


I don’t know for sure, but we can buy Chieftain up here so I would assume that it is not specifically a Stark Bros renamed apple.


Is this dark blackish bark normal for Cortland? I lost a Jonathan and Gala to Fire Blight near this tree, and I’ve almost cut this back to the root stock a few times, but the foliage is healthy and the tree is putting on new growth.


Anyone know what kind of nut/fruit tree this is? It was labeled a peach which it is obviously not.


Looks just like my small hazel nut trees, but I’m no expert.




I believe this is ironwood (ostrya virginiana)
Although there are some birches that look like that, and also have the lenticels on stem like that.
Birch twigs often have a wintergreen taste if chewed,
Ironwood does not


yellow birch was my next guess.


You know something neat about every plant!!!


Monterey’s horticultural oil or soap and water for aphids on pear? Last year I used neem oil and think I may have burned some of the leaves. All of the other trees did fine except for the pear tree. I am a little nervous about what to use for aphids on the pear tree. I have also seen a few spider mites. I have Dawn dish soap or I could purchase something online if needed. I was also thinking baby soap? Only because it is very mild compared to others.


Here are some Aphids in action on new growth of an Asian Pear,with their ant buddies.
Soap or some with a little cooking oil should smother them.Neem oil is fairly strong,but sometimes is


Looks like an elm tree to me.


I have a tip bearing apple tree that I’m trying to tame. I have tied down the branches, and have been pinching off the vegetative growths. What are the signs when they ‘give up’ and switch over to make next years flower buds?


I harvested an onion today to use for brunch, a bit early maybe. It is a Cabernet F1, a red onion. But when we cut it open it is as solid white inside. Do you think they will be like a regular red onion in color when cured?


I may have mixed up some persimmon scions this year could anyone identify if these pictures are Kaki or Virginiana leaf?