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I still have room to grow some bush bean and I saw this bush bean called big kahuna that claims it is a giant bean that pod can grow up to 11" long , sounds very interesting to me. I am in searching of a flat , wide, very long green bean that sold in my local grocery store. I pay premium price for it. The length of this bean fit the profile but not sure it is the one or similar one I am looking for. I searched internet trying to find out more pictures or reviews of this bean but I can’t find much information . I am wondering if anybody here has grown this bean and I appreciate any feedback


Can’t you just save the seeds from that bean and regrow it? That’s what I do with my Calima beans every year.


I bought this seeds and am wondering if it worth growing


Only one way to find out!


So if I understand you…the photo shows a Nikita Gift on the very bottom (the largest part), then a section of Rossyanka (the second largest part, one level up from bottom) and then at the top of the Rossyanka is a new stick of JT-02 that is putting out all the new green growth?

If I have that right, it seems like you left the Rossyanka as an interstem between NG and JT002. Right? If so, was there any reason you did that instead of just going back and grafting the JT-02 directly to the NG? Sorry for my persistence, I just find this interesting.


Flat, wide green beans sounds very much like Italian ones. You might look at some pics of those and see if that matches what you’re after.


You are right, I think it’s a type of Italian bean. It is meaty and has excellent texture and flavor. I searched internet, the closest possible is Hilda, at least the shape and length matches. Anyone in this forum grow /has grown Hilda??


I’m very curious to know if anyone else is experiencing a lot more Japanese beetles this year? They are a lot worse than usual here in my orchard on the TN/KY line. I have some trees that are just black with them-2-3 layers thick in many places, they are just out of control.

Worse yet, the Imidan that I use for normal bugs doesn’t really do much for Japanese beetles. It works if you spray it directly onto them and will keep them away for a couple days, but after it has been on for just a few days it doesn’t do much to keep them away. The only thing I have good performance from is liquid Seven (ie carbaryl) but if it rains it has to be reapplied.


I did it that way so I can have three Hybrid varieties in the main trunk just in case something happens. Lol.


None have shown up [yet] [knock knock]


The JBs are particularly bad in S. Indiana this year also, but apparently not as hard hit as your trees. Usually here they hit the Grapevines and Apricot trees the worst, but this year they’re chewing up Blackberries and Nectarine. I’m not spraying anything just yet.


Not sure if I notice any more this year than last, but I am noticing a lot of them. They are very busy mating right now.
Your situation sounds much worse than here in PA. They seem to gorge on certain plants, sassafras being an obvious favorite here.


My son, who lives about 10 miles from me, says the JBs always defoliate his Virginia Creeper

I wouldn’t mind some defoliating of my Virginia Creeper but the JBs ignore it


I was traveling in Denmark and saw these flowers in a garden. I think they’re the same type, although different varieties. Anyone know what they are?


I’ve seen those yellow flowers in Sweden Denmark area. I think they are Evening Primrose. Not too sure though. But has to be at least in that family.


That reminds me of Evening Primrose, too, but mine are small perennials.


I would guess Cinquefoil / Potentilla based on the foliage in the first pic, the smaller leaves to the lower right.


I’ve been harvesting fresh asparagus spears that are popping up around ferned-out spears. I figure as long as there are at least a few ferned-out spears sending energy to the crown this should be OK. Jersey Knight seems to be the one doing this. Jersey Giant has only been sending out so many, and I’m letting those go.

Should I stop doing this?


Can anyone help me ID a peach tree problem? 1st year Contender has shoots dying, lesions at the base of leaves near the end of the shoot, and some shoots have wounds on the side that look like a scrape. I pruned off the damaged shoots and didn’t find any larvae.

Oriental fruit moth? Canker? Something else?
I’m in Massachusetts Zone 5/6. Thanks!


@AnnaBee I am guessing the lesser Peach Tree Borer. They invade the branch crotch of young trees. Being diligent with cover sprays in June should help.