Radish and Kimchi questions

Looking for recipe advice-

So I grew radishes again this year, I can’t seem to help myself. They grow so fast with no problems. I like seeing something green come up early in my garden. Unfortunately, no one in my house likes radish very much. I tried white radish this year as a friend had told me she loves these. Still, nobody is fired up to eat them. Anyway to prepare these that might fool the unsuspecting??
Do any of you pickle radish? Add it to kraut or kimchi? I have several pounds, more to come.


I am also looking for advice on a “beginners” kimchi recipe. Meaning not too hot or spicy, an introduction to kimchi! I have never made it or eaten it. I use Linda Ziedrich’s Joy of Pickling_ as my go to for fermenting recipes. She has several to choose from but I am at a loss what to start with. I guess I am looking for a tried and true family favorite recipe. My husband likes hot spicy food and has fond memory of eating kimchi as a kid. I am just not sure the rest of us could handle all the fresh ginger and hot peppers…


Beside making radish kimchi , shred the radish , lightly season it with peppers and salt. Mixed with flour batter. Fired the radish batter in hot oil till crispy golden.very yummy treat .



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There’s a few other radish recipes!
Danmuji - Sweet yellow radish pickle.

Radish Salad

Cubed Radish Kimchi

Sweet Cubed Radish Pickles

Now I need to go buy some radishes! I planted some daikon, but the weird weather has caused them to bolt. Hopefully the gochu peppers I’m trying to grow are more successful.


Just made a batch of bok choi kimchi after reading this thread.



Kimchi sounds like a grand idea. I also really like roasted radishes. It’s like a whole different vegetable.


Thanks everyone! The pictures look great! I appreciate the recipes and tips. I think I will roast some radishes just to see what that’s like. @jcguarneri, I am counting on the resulting dish to NOT TASTE LIKE A RADISH!! :rofl:

I like the simplicity of the Chicken-mu, pickled radish. And the Danmuji as well. Thanks @RoseCongou for those links.

@IL847 what’s not to like about battered and fried vegetables? Sounds like a winner!
@BobC, that looks so good… and looks so hot I think my forehead is sweating already!!
@urbangardener, you whipped that up fast, way to go!


I would like to second roasted and adding cauliflower & fennel to the mix! They taste very different you should definitely try it and dust with some garlic powder salt black pepper and cayenne or caprika if you dont want any heat.

However pickling radishes in rice wine vinegar and just a bit of sugar and cayenne is to die for! and is a side to everything


Richard, do you add equal amounts of cauliflower and radish? And do you use fennel root, or ground fennel seed as a spice?
In reference to pickling, do you put a whole cayenne pepper in the jar or do you add ground cayenne?


Really just depends on what i have but usually its a full cauliflower and then any extra radishes or carrots that are leftover or not going to a specific meal. I dont always add fennel as the wife does not love it but it roasts amazingly also and pairs well with those. Like jc said its a very different sort of flavour and hard to describe but it makes a great veggie dish and definitely changes the flavour and spices up the same old veggies. That one is savory and you can also do a sweet one with roasted fennel and carrots parsnips radishes with cinnamon and maple syrup

Whole peppers are the way to go for sure but you need a lot longer to pickle them that way and usually you can do some ground cayenne and rice wine vinegar drip some sugar or honey on them and in a day or two you got yourself pickled radishes. Slice em real thin for quick pickling. If you can add them to some cod or whitefish its amazing. I also keep repickling stuff in those containers for a week or so until my wife is sick of it.


Cool. Sounds great. I definitely want to find new ways to cook or preserve the veggies I grow.

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Youtuber Emmy Made in Japan makes a slightly simplified version of Maangchi’s recipe thats fantastic.

Very easy to make and delicious.


We were just eating some this week, my son is doing Korean cooking for a school project (he is also learning Korean language). I really like it a lot, and it is super easy to make. Include some cucumbers or other veggies if you want. Note that if you let it sit a few days (in the fridge) it will taste more and more like a pickle and less and less like a radish.


This looks awesome! I will have to locate the Korean pepper and fish sauce online. That’s not something we have available locally. Just curious if you have any favorite brands of each?

@scottfsmith, small world!!

That is pretty cool your son doing some hands on projects to compliment his language class. I think some carrot, onion, and cuc might be a nice addition to the radish pickle. Thank you for the advice!


I prefer Three Crabs brand fish sauce. It’s very popular and one of the easiest to find aside from squid brand (which I do not like). There absolutely is no substitute for the Korean pepper flakes. Im lucky enough to have access to a fairly large Asian market where I can purchase all of the ingredients. Like Emmy, I also use rice flour to make a paste to add to the love sauce.

Reading this post again actually inspired me to make a batch this morning. I split the batch in half to make it a little milder for some of my family that can’t handle as much heat as I can. My only variation from Emmys recipe was adding a little radish to it. Would’ve preferred diakon but could not find it locally. I normally get 2 quarts from her recipe but today I came up just a bit short. Maybe my cabbage was smaller than usual.


That looks fantastic!! How much pepper did you add for the “mild” batch? I am thinking I should make a hot and mild version as well.
Thank you so much for the fish sauce recommendation. I would have picked one at random and might not have chosen well. Brand doesn’t matter on the Korean red pepper flakes?
When I looked back through Ziedrich’s kimchi recipes, I didn’t see any with the rice flour sauce. I will follow Emmys recipe that you linked to this first time around and see how we like it. Now I need to order some ingredients and get to the store!

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For the milder batch I used exactly half of what Emmy recommended. For her recipe the normal amount is 1/2 cup for the entire batch. Since I split my batch in two, I used a 1/4 cup in the hot batch and 1/8 cup in the milder batch. I’m calling it mild but it will still be spicy. Just not as much as the normal batch.

I’m not sure brand of pepper flakes make any difference. I’ve only ever used This brand.

Good luck, hope you enjoy

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You can get it in MHK if you’re headed in to town. Yi’s Market at 11th and Colorado will have both in stock. They’re a Korean-owned Asian grocery. They may even be able to give you some kimchi making pointers, or they’ll happily sell you a gallon jar full! It also looks like there are a couple of Asian groceries in Emporia, and I’d be shocked if there weren’t any in Wichita. Not quite sure where in the Flint Hills you are, but I expect that would cover your bases.

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@speedster1, thank you for the pepper link and again for your information and tips. I am pretty sure that 1/2 the amount of pepper will still be spicy enough for us. :hot_face:

@jcguarneri, I remember seeing Yi’s Market but haven’t stopped in. I will probably order what I need for now, and plan on checking Yi’s out next time I am in Mhk. I should see what interesting fruits and vegetables they carry. I have seen so many pictures on this forum of produce that folks say they get at Asian markets. Some of it I have never even heard of, so I need to expand my horizons a little bit!
Both Emporia and Mhk are within easy driving distance, but we have been avoiding Emporia for quite awhile, and Wichita is too far. Emporia is in Lyon County, which has the 4th highest number Covid cases in the east part of the state, and Wichita (Sedgwick Co) is a little higher. Safer to order what I need right now! Thanks for the info! :wink:

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That’s a good reason to not go to town. Stay safe out there! When it is time to get back out, though, Yi’s is a great little market. Asian Market at the start of Stagg Hill Rd is also good. Bigger and more selection, but not as tidy.

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