Rain, trees and WEEDS!

When the rain hits we don’t have to spend all our time watering…but soon we have a different problem.
June 21st I took this picture of the grafted trees in the persimmon rows. Thankfully some if them are outgrowing the monster weeds. The next picture was just taken of the same area.

I’m posting this is so no one out there thinks I’m supermom and do it all…obviously I Don’t! :slight_smile:


The one row there that is pulled I did to check on my green budded K.B.S. onto d.Virginiana.
I have three takes and have lopped the tops off to force the growth.
Here is one coming out.

I suspect it would have worked better as far as growth goes to just dormant graft next spring. The plant loses so much energy and momentum getting cut off that way. It will be interesting to see how they look at the end of this growing season.

The Deer Magnet in the far right weed choked row above is about 7 feet tall…both trunks. Lol

Here is baby and I next to it. I’m 5’7".


The weeds have been a challenge this year. I ran out of Surflan and thought I would tough it out the rest of the summer… I should have rethought that plan!

PS I think Surflan can only be used around non bearing trees.

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What a cutie! I meant the :baby:

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Thanks! The whole family (she is number 9) are all severely smitten!
While I was out in the nursery she ripped a leaf off a persimmon somewhere and was really trying to gum it to death, so we got her to give that up and gave her a nibble of a Strawberry Parfait apple instead. This year the apples are few, and we didn’t spray so one must look after each bite for worms…but they are still tasty treats.

After that photo a storm rolled in and dumped 2 inches of water on us! I won’t have to water peach trees tomorrow…but the kids are gonna have to stand the corn up in the morning…and we had to dry and warm about 60 week old quail chicks too…and rescue some baby bunnies from out of the ankle deep water they were in.

On busy nights like this and on snowy cold days I sing a song to the kids from some nature show we watched that sings “Its fuuuun on the farm…you can ruuuuun on the farm” (cue cute pictures of sunny days and green pastures) it’s a family joke for sure! Lol


I spent 8 1/2 hours pulling tall weeds today, and no baby here. Finally got the veggies all weeded, a small miracle in itself. Now working on the fruit bushes, which are totally pathetic, out at my land 13 miles away. I got nine honeyberries weeded there so far. I have also finished weeding most of one blueberry bed at home of about 63 too-shaded bushes that wasn’t so weedy, being close to the house where it gets more attention. We need rain here, so I can’t use that as an excuse, but I was gone for about three weeks total to family events. I even have the bushes heavily mulched with wood chips and cardboard, but the weeds still come through after a season, although they pull much more easily in the mulch.

Is that a woven electric fence I see there? How do you like it? Where did you buy it? I have one from Kencove. It works pretty well, but you have to keep it charged, or the rabbits chew the plastic. I watched one do it! The voles and ground squirrels still get through or tunnel under, but it has kept out the coons, woodchucks, deer, and larger rabbits. The critters that get through it face JAWS rat traps! So far I have managed not to step in any myself.

Enjoy those young’uns while you have them. One of ours was murdered at age 27, and we cherish the hours we spent home-schooling him so we could be together more.


So sorry to hear of your tragic loss @northwoodswis4. A loved one gone leaves a hole in your heart their precise dimensions. :cry:
We spend a lot of time together, and I do try to enjoy each age and stage.

The fencing was bought from Kencove. It’s hot and ground mixed because our ground is often dry. I think Premier has higher quality nets with better stronger step in posts.

The nets have kept our sheep pretty safe from predation. We did lose a lamb once to coyotes when the fence was grounding a bit on weeds some…down the road at a neighbor’s place. We have seen two skunks killed by it too! "Sparky " the fence has some Zap!u


Omg! 9! U r the Supermom of this planet! I have 3 boys and on some days, I feel so exhausted! They do run me down, verbally and physically. Wow! You deserve an award for Mom of the Year!

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Congratulations on your three boys! :smile: think its amazing that as a mom I have sons that I see myself in…but in masculine form! (I had all sisters growing up)
I appreciate the compliment, but in all fairness I must share that 9 is NOT three times as hard as three!
I do understand how you feel. I well remember feeling full time busy with one son, and going a little bit crazy after each new addition.

Some of mine are grown and are capable adults that make my life easier. Some of mine are getting there as teens, (oldest daughter is almost 17) and also make my life easier. The baby reminds us all of how precious and dependant we each used to be…and she makes us all smile! :sunny:

I like to read a couple of magazines that I have found encouraging “Above Rubies” and “No Greater Joy.” Being a mom is a lot of work…tremendous and overwhelming at times…but it’s the most rewarding thing I have ever done, and I love watching them learn and grow.


Love hearing about your kids. My boys are 40 and 35 and have their own children that I don’t get to see often and don’t get to garden with. Gardening with children is good times…mostly!

I also love seeing photos of your weeds…because…misery loves company and weeds make me miserable!!! We have drought conditions this year and I’ve had a much easier time BUT as hot as it has been I have not had the stamina to be the efficient weeder that I need to be. It is gratifying however to see crab grass die from lack of water!! Which means that most of my weeding time has been spent with a hose in my hand!

#7 is ADORABLE!!



Thanks Katy! No one here would argue with that. We all think life is a little sweeter with her in the family. :wink:

The best thing about gardening with a big family is weeding a row…and having eight rows weeded because everyone was working together.

That’s fun!