Rant about shipping costs


That’s not exactly true, and very unfair to the PO. I don’t like the government doing anything, but if they have to, this is the model to use. The tax payers have not put in a dime in the PO for decades. It is not subsidized at all. Now the feds have raped them many times. Like under Clinton they took all the PO pension money. The post office has been losing money for years, to pay for it they must borrow money, their is no subsidy, not one dime.

Well they do get breaks from the government. They borrow at a low rate and certain laws favor them over other services, so indirectly they are subsidized, but I worked there when the other feds stole the pension money. It’s a long story, the money was reallocated and the PO could no longer claim it as an asset. And now they cannot afford pension costs, much like SS was handled, is handled. When I worked there I had the option to opt for SS instead, and I did. Tomorrow I will be old enough to collect. Wow that’s ironic!


I just paid $4 for shipping from Johnnys to oklahoma. 2 seed packs. One tomato and one soybean pack.


It seems to me that a large shipper of seeds could develop an envelope that could stand up to automatically sorted mail that would save them money and the customer. It would take time as seeds very so much in size but I bet it could be done.


On the other hand, I bought this 45x magnifier , from China for $2.00 , on eBay
It is actually quite functional.
Optics ok, light with a battery. It’s tiny but it works
Shipping was free …!
I don’t understand.
Just the battery for the light would cost $2.00 here.
I think of how far away China is,…how many times this little package changed hands .and it made it to me unharmed , did not get lost.
And they had to make it. All for $2.00
How can this be ? And surely someone is making $ doing this.
I am not bragging about this item, just the long journey it took .
I would think it would cost me $2.00 to mail it across town.

I do think some shipping costs are to high, and often stops me from ordering things


I sell a few smaller things here and there. It does cost that much just for a small item. Plus the cost of the envelope. I have to use padded envelopes so those are about $1.50+ to just buy them.
When you get that envelope take envelope back to the post office. Have them look at the package and then have them put in a zip code on either coast 04401 and 95678. See what the shipping is to either one of those places. It will surprise you. There are all sort of weird rules the post office has about shipping. You cannot ship it first class because it is this or that, cannot be shipped letter because it cannot fit through a certain size slot they have a cut out for at the desk, etc…


Ya I wasn’t complaining. I just posted for informational purposes. I’ve sent small things like that to the east coast and have paid more.


That is because charges are based on origin country fees


Baker’s has free shipping. Heirloom, non-GMO.


Got some seeds from angel man 56 off eBay. About $3 a pack, shipping included.

He pretty obviously buys in (relative) bulk and resells. I’m perfectly OK with getting them in a plastic baggie and a plain typed label.

I should add that he offers a variety of F1 hybrids, which is unusual for a low-buck operation.


They also throw in some freebies with the shipment. Great products and beautiful catalog!


Love Bakers! Lots of different varieties as well! The free shipping helps!