Raspberry Propagation (round 2)

Good Morning all…

Keep in mind I am not a raspberry expert at all… Planted my first Raspberries last spring.

I ordered 3 heritage reds, and 3 fall golds… but over time I figured out that what I actually got was…

3 heritage reds, 2 fall golds (those are everbearing), and one Mystery Black Raspberry (june bearer).

Several weeks ago, as my raspberry plants were first budding out some, I propagated several, some from Tip Rootings, and many more from (root shoots)… The heritage reds are very eager to send up shoots from the roots, and some 2-3 ft away from the mother plant.


The pic above is from my first propagation attempt and was dated March 15.

100% success rate… all of those have been planted and are looking great now.
But… I thought that was it… I am done with that… but not so… Since then many more new primocanes have come up (outside my intended row area)… and so yesterday I collected a few more.

Just sharing a few pics of how I did that in case it will help someone else.

First here is a PIC of my Mystery Black Raspberry, showing that it is sending up a bunch of primocanes right off the crown… I counted 7 or 8 coming up there…

Question - should I limit those to for example only the best 2-3 ? it seems to be putting out an excess to me.

And this time around I also found some black raspberry root shoots coming up - but this one I took a pic of was close enough to my row that I left it.

Mystery Black root shoot

What I noticed is that the black raspberry root shoots, have darker green leaves, but the thorns near the base of the root shoot are almost clear, white. If you look close you can see that.

Now below is a root shot from a Heritage Red…

Heritage Red

Notice the abundance of red thorns… that makes their root shoots very easy to ID. They produce an abundance of these…

The fall gold also have somewhat clear, white, thorns on the root shoots… but the plant color, stem and leaves are a much lighter green color. That makes them pretty easy to ID as root shoots.
Fall Gold does root shoot some, but much less than the Heritage reds.

Ok… now how I removed them from my hill, and re-potted, to propagate…

RB Digging out RB

Simply dig around the root shoot with a shovel or some tool that you can take the root shoot out, including perhaps a 5-6 inch circle of dirt (root ball) with it. In the pic above there was a double root shoot up in that location just a few inches apart, and I took them both out.

Note when I remove a root shoot like that, I will fill that hole with a nice compost mix, to pay it back a little.

then I simply place that root shoot, root ball and all in a nice planter pot, and pack good with a good compost mix. Then water it in good (very important). Reduce stress as much as possible, water good.

PS… My wife bought me that watering can there… in the early 90’s for my birthday… and it has seen a lot of use, every year. Love that thing. It carries 2 gal.

RB Props end

After I collected all of the root shoots I could yesterday morning, and watered them good… I put them in a location on the north side of my house… indirect light only… and I removed excess leaves, leaving only the newest top leaves.

I will leave them in that indirect light location for 3-4 days, then move them to a morning sun only location for 3-4 days, then may move them on out to a full sun location.

PS… I started a new raspberry bed yesterday too… and the hope is that I will have that all finished and ready in 2-3 weeks… and these new Props will go in then.

Hope this helps… and by all means if some of you more experienced Raspberry growers can recommend how this process could be improved, for better success rate, or perhaps simplifying it some… but all means pitch in.

Here is something for new raspberry growers to realize… I planted 3 heritage reds last spring…
I now have those original 3, and many more in my original raspberry bed.

But… I have propigated 16 others from root shoots like this, and have spread them thru out my food forest bed, gave some to my daughter, etc…

I would highly recommend that when you prepare and plant a bed of red raspberries (especially heritage red)… that sometime that summer, or fall… you prepare another bed, perhaps 2x the size, for all of the props that you will get from the root shoots off your original plants.

Good Luck to all growing Raspberries.



Looks like you are doing OK so far!

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raspberries are weeds up here like blackberries are down your way. clearcut the woods and for 3-4 years you have a huge raspberry patch. :wink:

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On the MysteryBerry, let the canes get about waist high, then the stronger ones will be obvious, then remove any spindly canes.

I usually kill them but maybe I should take a few stray suckers.

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Thanks Larry… I will do that.

@steveb4 … just the opposite down here… no wild raspberries here… but like you said… clear a little land and blackberries take over.

One of my neighboring land owners select cut timber 2 or 3 years ago and I walked my property lines a few weeks back and found a huge mass of BlackBerry canes on his place just south of my prop line. They were easily 10 ft tall canes 3/4 inch diameter or more and thousands of them.

Next time I see him… will ask permission to pick.

Wish we had wild raspberry growing like that here too.


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wild rasps are tasty but small. takes alot of picking just for a pie. before we grew our own, the whole family used to go out picking them. same with straws and blues. im jealous of you guys nice big blackberries down south.;).

The problem with wild raspberries is that the fruit quality can be all over the place. The ones on my property has the misfortune to grow near my Heritage raspberries (and soon Double Gold and Red Mammoth) which makes it all the more obvious that they are more sour and less sweet. Worse still; if I harvest them for later they develop an acrid taste in a matter of days.

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On Saturday… I just collected raspberry root shoots from the sunny side of the original bed… today I collected 4 more nice ones from the other side…

So… I started with 1 mystery black… and have propagated 2 more of those.

My original 3 heritage reds… I have propagated 19 more.

My original 2 fall golds… I have propagated 3 more.

Now I am not counting any of those that came up in the row area… only the extras that I have taken out of this bed and planting elsewhere.

So from my original 6… I have propagated 24 more.

2 mystery blacks
19 heritage reds
3 fall golds




And here is what my Loganberry looks like… I started 2 crowns there… and it is a monster bush-vine-cane now that takes over one end of the house and produces so many berries.

I had one of those to tip root and I took it out, put it in a black pot, and have it growing in another location now too.

I think my place is going to be overtaken by raspberries… perhaps I need to get my need to prosper everything under control.

Is there such a thing as to many raspberries ? If there is looks like I may be headed for that.

PS… at the top of that loganberry trellis, is where I work. I have a nice large double window just above the top edge of the logans… and all day long, bees, hummingbirds, are visiting those logan blooms… Love it.


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i started my original heritage raspberry patch with 2 plants. in 3 yrs i had 4 30ft rows full of plants. i keep them in check with vigorous pruning and tilling sprouts under in the rows. still get some popping up 20ft. from their beds. if you dont keep on them, they will definitely take over your whole damn yard! my weeds arent as aggresive.

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Steve I believe you on the 4 - 30 ft rows… think I am headed that direction too.

At some point, you can have too many raspberries - Right ?

I guess 4 - 30 ft rows must be about it.

Just a FYI to anyone reading this… After I got those last Raspberry Props in the black pots… I kept them in a indirect sun location for a day, but they never wilted a bit, stayed nice and perky. The next day I put them in the sun, and checked them often, and still no wilting at all. I must have gotten plenty of roots with each prop because they never wilted a bit. They have been in full sun for several days now and are leafing out nicely.



never have too many raspberries just too many raspberries in the wrong places! :wink:

That’s certainly true of the wild ‘blackcap’ raspberries. I think I’d have too many pretty fast of the red cultivated ones.

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at least the black caps stay put unless they tip root. the reds can throw shoots 15-20ft in any direction.

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Propagating a loganberry…
I buried about a foot of the cane… after scratching some of the cane exterior/bark off about a month ago. The cane tip just keeps going… logans grow like crazy here.
Hopefully by early spring spring lots of roots develop.