Raspberry Trellis Systems

Hi Everyone! It is finally warm enough to start doing gardening work. My mulch is coming next week and so I thought about putting up a raspberry trellis. I thought I would start a picture thread where we all can show off our raspberry trellis systems and discuss their benefits and drawbacks.

I chose the I-Trellis system because it is easy to make and compact. I found some cheap 6 foot cedar posts and buried them 1 foot into the ground and screwed them into the plantar box from the inside. Then drilled at 2 and 4 feet above the planter box and put a loop of heavy duty clothesline and tightener. Overall a straightforward project for a not too handy person such as myself and keeps the aesthetics of my yard that I am looking for. I was able to complete it in a few hours. I had hoped to get the posts in a bit deeper but I hit rocky subsoil past that. My beds are 2x12 feet.


The pictured setup looks fine for raspberries. If the endposts are unstable side2side (due to the shallow bury), consider putting a brace from the raised bed corner to the height on the lower wire for each endpost.