Raspberry woe, a short tale

Looking for moral support lol …

Yesterday out of an abundance of caution I took the drastic step of digging up about 12 feet of raspberry bushes … an entire set of bushes I got for free last year from a craigslist posting.

The plants had chlorosis on various parts of the plants … old canes new canes, etc. Yesterday morning I was reading a guide on raspberry growing put out by the Oregon State University I am learning about summer bearing and ever bearing and floricanes and promocanes … pretty interesting stuff.

Then I came across the pictures of RDBV and read how it’s carried by pollen. I don’t have time right now to soil test or virus test, so I was going to just rogue out the canes with chlorosis. However, as I looked over at the 3 pots of healthy raspberries sitting nearby, I decided in the instant to simply pull all of the plants out. I dug wide and dug deep, so it was a fair amount of work.

I guess one benefit is that I won’t have to worry about controlling raspberries shoots … I’m going to keep them only in pots from now on.

I need to search this forum and see if I can find lists of soil & testing services for a Seattle-based grower. Some day I’m going to need to do tests.

Is Chlorosis a sign of the virus?
I have a very chlorotic raspberry start that I also got in the mail.
it just won’t green up.

Probably just from being in a dark shipping box for a week + some transplant shock.

This is the picture from the OSU guide

Screenshot_2021-05-03 Growing Raspberries in Your Home Garden - ec1306 pdf

it’s in full sun now.
I’ll wait and see.

This is what the chlorotic leaves looked like on my plants.