Raven Persimmon from OGW

Just ordered a Raven Persimmon from One Green World. Hope it does ok in high humidity and 95F to sometimes 100F temps.
“Prized for its abundant crops of unique and unusual, glossy-black fruit, this new Chinese variety also features beautiful, orange-red fall foliage. Sweet and delicious, Raven™ fruit is early ripening and ready to eat when soft and tender.
Hardy to 0º F., Asian Persimmons are easy to grow in the Northwest and other regions of the U.S. with mild winters. Naturally compact trees Persimmons rarely exceed 12ft. in height.”


Have you seen this thread?


No missed it. Can’t delete the one I put up.

No need to. Just want you to know Raven may be the reincarnation of another existing variety. The fact that any nursery can just give a new name to any variety they want is quite annoying.


Nurseries do a lot of things in descriptions that I feel are off. One Green World puts their peach trees with lovell rootstock as 12’. Yeah maybe if you prune it to that but lovell will not be 12’ unpruned according to everywhere else. Then there are the zones nurseries like to push. Raintree states sweet bagel is hardy to zone 5 but everywhere else says something like 6 or 7 if I remember right. I take descriptions on taste as a grain of salt as well. Many food people taste things I do not feel are in food but nurseries like to make every one of their fruits are special. Yeah there are some special ones compared to other varieties like Warren, Magness and Comice all tasting like candy compared to Bartlett but few are like that. Again just like I said I take everything nurseries tell me with a grain of salt and will double check with other nurseries as well as places like here. Places like this forum have people who have grown a heck of a lot more fruit varieties and a heck of a lot longer than the nurseries who just copy and paste stuff and bulk buy the trees to be sold.


I ordered one of these too, and it just arrived today. The description of black fruit peaked my curiosity too much to not give it a try. I don’t really trust much of what the descriptions say, or at least take it with a grain of salt, but since Texas persimmon are black, i thought maybe someone was able to cross an asian persimmon (Diospyros kaki) with a texas persimmon (Diospyros texana) to yield this kind of tree.
The tree i got has nice big leaves that are just turning orange, so i am not disappointed in it visually at least. Worst case is it becomes feed for my chickens.


Sadly Diospyros texana (30 chromosome) can’t be crossed with virginiana (60 or 90 chromosome) nor with kaki (90 chromosome).

Any news on how these are turning out? Anyone get fruit already?

The differences in chromosome numbers is not the reason for the failure of simple interspecies cross-pollination in persimmons.