Razzmatazz Grape


Not much info out there on this seedless muscadine hybrid so I will try to post a couple of times throughout the year and give a review. It is in its’ 2nd year. Last year it grew from the ground up to the wire and about 8’ on one side and 5’ on the other so it is not quite full size yet. I let one cluster of grapes ripen late last year and they were very small, we will see how they do this year.

It is listed as a continuously fruiting and it does seem to produce a cluster on every tendril shown by red arrows in picture below. Supposed to fruit until frost.

Flowers starting to bloom


I look forward to seeing your updates. How was the taste of the one cluster from last year? Was it seedless as advertised? Thanks, Bill


I only had one grape and it was tiny, so hard to truly get a feel for how it taste, it was about the size of a pea. It was seedless and had a thin skin for a muscadine but because it was so small it still seemed like a lot of skin. Really hope they are bigger this year. They do produce like crazy though, as soon as I planted it it was putting on grapes at 3" tall. It would have produced 10x as much grapes last year as my 2 year old 20’ long Darlene will have this year.

Razzmatazz next to Late Fry
grape razz




Grapes are starting to ripen, they are very small again this year and birds love them. The vine did not grow much this year. We had a lot of rain this year that washed the nitrogen away. It is growing again but is far behind my other muscadines of the same age.

Late Fry, same age, in its second year looks great



Is that your Fuyu in the back ground with some fruits drop on the ground?


Yes, it is Hana. I have a little bit of fruit drop now but still have a good crop. I had a lot of drop on most fruits this year and don’t know why.
This was taken during the bloom this year. I know drop at this time is normal but it dropped all flowers except the very last ones to open. I thought I was going to be left with nothing.


Thanks for the update. Although the Razz vine is slow growing the fruit looks appealing.


Grapes do taste good but they are very small.


My razzmatazz has grown quite a bit this year but hasn’t set any fruit yet. It is now producing clusters of flower buds so hopefully it will be able to produce some grapes this year. I am anxious to try them…

I haven’t sprayed it with anything this year and so far no disease or pest issues other than some ants farming aphids on new growth.


Aphids and Japanese beetles hit me hard this year, I did spray once.


Grape bunch in 7 year olds hand


4 months later and still fruiting and still setting lots of flowers with no signs of slowing down.


How do they taste?


Depends, if picked early they are tart and if picked late they are dry and chewy. With them being so small they go from early to dry in a couple of days. If picked at the right time they are really good especially the bigger ones. Size and the fact that a short stem tends to stay with each grape makes them a little aggravating to deal with. Even with their small size they have a VERY strong flavor, with a mix of grape and muscadine. They have a liquid center like a muscadine, that is only really noticeable on the large ones, with a tart skin that thinner than a true muscadine.
I think they are advertised as being the best grape you ever tried and a large one picked at the right time I would agree with that. But you also have to deal with the small size, the little stem on each grape and usually the grapes within a bunch don’t ripen at the same time. All of the grapes have the same thickness of skin regardless of size so the smaller grapes are almost all skin with no center and are tart.


@Auburn @Richard does that description of taste resemble Southern Home in any way? Does SH have a firm center like a grape or is it more like a muscadine?


To my tastes, the center is like any European seeded grape. Southern Home is 7/8 muscadine.


When I planted SH I was hoping for a good tasting disease resistant table type grape. This is my opinions of it with a few years experience. To me it basically taste like a middle to good quality muscadine. Good but there are many that I consider much better such as Lane, Black Beauty. Lane is the nearest to a table grape I have tasted but even it is different. SH is a vigorous growing disease resistant vine and sets a heavy crop of fruit about 1" or less size at my location. I currently have two vines of SH and I’m in the process of overgrowing one with Supreme as a replacement. My plans right now are to keep one SH, two Black Beauty, two Lane, two Supreme, and a recent addition of Hall.


Your LF looks great. I have a second year Supreme that I though was doing well but I would guess it will take another year to catch up with yours.


It has really taken off with half the fertilizer of razzmatazz and Darlene. Either I have my Razzmatazz planted in an area with very poor soil or it requires more fertilizer than my other grapes.