Re post from a fig forum for free greenhouse if you are interested Clark and others

Here are the infos you need to get one.


the NRCS ( natural resources conservation service ) has a high tunnel program ,sign up,agree on a their specs buy it, build it. Inspection of work.they pay you back .$ per.sq. ft.
which about covers cost of materials. Irrigation systems also cost shared.
this is for real.!
I built a 30 x96 x18’ tall, new pump drip lines, ,all said my labor was given, cost of material paid back by NRCS.
they are called high tunnels because they are jacked up (6’) greenhouse . 6’ roll up side ,large end door .large vents on top of end wall. Provides good ventilation ,without fan.
In fact they don’t want you to use a fan or artificial heat.
requiered to run this way for 2 yr.
try to grow something ,after 2yr you can do what ever you want.
This is a nation wide ( U.S ) program NRCS. Has been active for several years. Built mine 2yrs ago.
I wonder why no one is talking about this on this site,would be great for figs .etc. etc. etc.!,!!! Best deal ever! If you have room. And $ to build befor they pay you back,wich only took 2 weeks from completion . The farm service agency will give you a low interest build it.
i am not affiliated in any way with NRCS. Other than I built mine through their high tunnel program. They. Have lots of $ for this ,but no advertising $
so call them ,sign up. Hurry …Trump may change all of this.?

Size is negotiable .to a point.
Mine is 30x96 x18’. My neighbor built one maybe half that size.
I don’t know how small they will go? But you could ask.
they do have specs. On the gage of pipe ,# of Perlins etc. that you must meet. Varys with size , style etc. they can give you a list of approved kits from different Company’s .

know a couple people who have had them built by this company through the NRCS.

I don’t think you have to have farm income. You have to apply through the NRCS to get approved. They have a certain amount of money available in each county to be used for different projects. You may not get approved the first year you apply. Best thing would be to contact the office in your area to see what they require.

As it is a nation wide program I assume the rules would be the same everywhere .
I know of several people whom have built them , that are. Not “farmers” at least not yet.! No farm income ,no cash crop.
as for the dead line .that may be it for this year, but you could be the first on the list for next year

Requirement is inground plants,…for 2yrs.
Then after 2yrs you can do what ever you want…
Pots. ,Heater , hot tub ?
I eat out of mine year round.unheated.remay row covers in the dead of winter.
Biggest problems so far are:
High humidity
Warm winter days can break dormancy, then get cold.
Different pest / disease problems than outside.
Thinking of adding heat to keep it at 32 minimum.

Go get them!!!


Yah .thats what I said .
Just joined to post that, but it was it was here befor me.
Word spreads fast.
Good job.!!!

I’ve known about for awhile and have talked many times about building one. @39thparallel told me about a year ago but neither of us have done it yet. I’m doing my small version first before I sign up for any programs. I’m making sure I know what I’m doing.