Rechargeable Leaf Blowers


I’m looking for a powerful rechargeable leaf blower. Do they exist?

Earlier this year I got a rechargeable weed whacker from Black and Decker and it works like a champ so I got one of their leaf blowers (so I could swap out the batteries), but the thing was very weak. It barely moved dry leaves so forget about wet ones. I ended up returning it after one day. My electric (corded) blower seemed at least 10 times as powerful. The difference between the two was remarkable.

Does anyone have a favorite rechargeable leaf blower? Something that will move as much air as an electric one? Or do they not exist yet?



Good question. I most likely bought the same electric weed whacker and love it. I was going to buy a leaf blower to go with the battery but the reviews were not great. I don’t have an answer for you, but am in the same predicament.


We have the Greenworks 40v blower and it works well. It will blow anything including wet leaves off concrete but it is not quite powerful enough to blow leaves off the grass. It has high air speeds but not a tremendous amount of volume. It works well for what we use it for, the deck and driveway. It is close to the same performance as our corded blower but clearly behind a gas backpack blower.


I own a Greenworks 80v leaf blower. It works even on damp leaves. Lowes also has an identical blower (must be the same manufacturer). It has 3 settings with a variable trigger so you get a range of speeds and thus run times. I have a large yard and have not needed to run it a at max except in bursts to shake loose some large or stubborn stuff. Medium seems to move dry, even damp, leaves in grass, low easily blows off my driveway and high is surprisingly powerful for a battery tool. Running on medium lasts me about 25 minutes of blowing. The battery charges in around 30 minutes and I have two so I can just cycle through them. (I also have a 80v chainsaw and weed wacker, so I’ve invested some money into this.)

Another good brand I understand is EGO but I do not own any of their tools Their tools are 56v rather than 80v but I understand their performance is excellent.


Thanks for the tip on EGO!

Amazon has this model “EGO 110 MPH 530 CFM Variable-Speed Turbo 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Blower” for $223 and Home Depot has the same one for $179! Note to self: Always check Amazon prices vs. your local store.


You’re welcome. As I said I don’t own any ego tools but reports to me have been positive, plus, if you have a home depot nearby you have a local vendor to return it to if you are unsatisfied.

One last word about electric leaf blowers… run time varies widely depending upon what setting you have it on. Don’t expect any electric leaf blower to run for long times on max power. Well, without the new backpack batteries.


Kobalt 40-volt Max Lithium Ion 350-CFM 100-MPH Medium-Duty Cordless Electric Leaf Blower

We have had it for at least 4 years and love it. It is not as powerful as our old corded one, but the ease to use is so worth the trade off. I charge it every 10-14 days, and use it almost daily on 3 patio/porch areas.

Nevertheless, we are in Southern California so I rarely have to deal with wet debris.


I have a Lowes’ Kobalt 80v blower. Very powerful, works well. Have the chainsaw also, as good as a gas powered saw. We cut and limbed a 25" oak with this saw. Very satisfied with these tools.


I ended up getting the EGO model mentioned above mostly because I could pick it up locally very easily. The thing works great and is very powerful. I was able to easily blow wet leaves out of the gutters without having to use the “Turbo” button. In fact, I’ve never had to use it.

The one downside is the battery life seems pretty short. I’ve never timed how long a full charge lasts, but every time I’ve used it, I was surprised how quickly it died.