Recommeded Natural Repellents

I have several small gardens in the lot behind my office. I replaced a Paw Paw Tree with a Red Haven Peach. Cats are numerous so They seem to love my Trees & Garden plots for outdoor Litter Boxes. So I tried several home Repellents suggested from Google. I walked out to Check if it " repelled" the Cats.
Just got to laugh sometimes


I’ve had this problem too! The only thing that has helped has been running the sprinkler more often.

Its actually a bigger problem . Tomcats urinating on Some cantaloupe plants wilted them & I dont want them getting used to my Garden Plots & Trees as Litter Boxes. Cat Dander can be harmful to Pregnant Women/ fetal development anyways. I really dont Have time for a Dog either… frustrating…

@SaddleBrookeFarm, Just the other day I read about a guy who was having trouble with stray cats using his yard for a litter box. He bought several $5 sacks of Oil-Dri from an auto parts store. It is non-clumping granular clay. He made very simple frames of 2’x4’ scrap lumber, filled them with the Oil-Dri and placed them where the cats had been spending time. They started using these areas as their litter box. Doesn’t get rid of the cats, but if they are more attracted to the outdoor litter box than your garden, it might help?


Creating an alternative might help. I just really dont want to deal with that either. Its funny in town its cats & at the farm its deer. In my years ive really not devised a good solution for either outside expensive fencing

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Like @Katie_didnt_Z4b mentions, cats don’t like water. This would be more work as well, but having sprinklers set to activate with motion sensors would probably keep them out. If it’s not too difficult to set up, I think it would probably work. My cats get far away whenever the sprinkler or hose get turned on. I have read in passing that some people have tried this to deter rabbits and deer.

Why not plant a patch of catnip somewhere you want them to hang out and look for mice and voles!

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Haha, as a former school teacher I cant believe I didnt think of a Positive Enforcement Technique. I may look into this one. I did speak with a neighbor whom is tired of the herd also. He mentioned possibly trapping them with a have a heart trap. But, having tried this before it can be grueling getting angry stray cats out.

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Citrus peels will deter them. Gives you an excuse to eat more citrus as well! D