Recommendation for Early Peach Variety

I am looking for a recommendation for an early peach variety that will perform well in Spokane WA (Zone 6a). I already have Early Redhaven (and a Glenglo on order), but want something to ripen even earlier. Looking for something to ripen 20 days or more before Redhaven.

Mark speaks highly of Earlystar, Spring Snow, and Harrow Diamond. I am liking what I can read about Harrow Diamond with respect to disease resistance, cold hardiness, quality, and earliness (-25), but personal experience from forum members is the best information.

I grew PF 5D Big for several years, but could never get happy with the flavor so I pulled it out.



Just to clarify, I would classify Harrow Diamond as a pretty tough peach, but it doesn’t taste as good as Earlystar, or the white peach Spring Snow.

I think Gold Dust peach would work for you, late bloomer and very good quality. Maybe others that grow it in a similar climate could comment?

Good to know. Thanks Mark. If you already had Early Redhaven and Glenglow and you could only add one more, would it be Earlystar or Spring Snow?

Thanks Jon. I hear good things about the quality of Gold Dust.

Hmm, that’s a tough one. Earlystar is a yellow peach which has high sugar for such an early yellow peach. It’s also a fairly dependable cropper, doesn’t drop, has a beautiful deep red color, but is a bit prone to split pits. Tree form is terrible. Produces lots of straight up growth. It has to be managed carefully to avoid lots of blind wood.

Spring Snow is in a different category. It’s a much less dependable cropper (although it has produced some crop for the last 4 years here). Tree form is nice. It also produces beautiful dark red peaches. The white fleshed peaches are some of the best I’ve eaten (probably the best) out of 15 varieties of white peaches I’ve grown.

Spring Snow is not an easy peach to grow, but if productivity isn’t paramount, and you want to mix up the flavors of your harvests, then you might try Spring Snow.

If you want a dependable, good tasting, early yellow peach, then you might go with Earlystar.

I have added more of both the last few years.

Thanks for the great information Mark!

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