Red fleshed pears

Anyone have experience growing red fleshed pears? Here are the few that im aware of

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No, but they were on my order this year! :grinning:

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I grafted Rotkottig frau Ostergotland (Maple Valley as the scionwood source) in April 2013. The branch finally put on some growth this year, but hasn’t had any fruit yet.

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No, i did not know they were out there, but now i must have them.


I’m growing Joey’s red flesh and got one tiny fruit this year. From what I understand most ripen on the tree, but are only good for a very short period after.
Derek of Hocking Hills orchard is a great source of info about them.


Excellent website thank you! I’m having a difficult time finding information on these reds. Bob I hope it will produce next year. Turkey creek I’m not sure I will get them this year but they are on my list. 39th parallel I’ve known about them for awhile but lack of sources for information made them highly difficult to track down.

Bob are you getting any buds forming this year?

Anyone have buds, flowers or fruitlets on your red fleshed pears?

I have a few grafts of Rotkottig frau Ostergotland from @BobVance and I thought I saw a few flower buds, but they turned out to be vegetative. Bob, did you get any fruit from yours yet?

I grafted in 2013 and until now, it hadn’t even flowered. I just checked (yes, it is almost midnight, but I was curious) and I see a single flower cluster on a rather large branch. Now the decision comes- do I cut off a good chunk of the branch to get light to that flower cluster, or prune for future years. I would say situations like this are why I wait until now to prune, but I’m just behind.

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Grafted in 2013 and just one cluster of flower in 2019?

This Frau can rival a Warren pear re. taking a long time to produce. I just grafted it last year!!!

This thread should be moved to the General Fruit Growing thread, shouldn’t it?

You may get more viewing and responses there than leaving it here, IMHO.

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Yup- similar to Magness too, as there is a Magness about 5 feet away. It took from 2012 planting until 2018 to fruit. And that is on quince rootstock, which theoretically speeds up fruiting.

What rootstock your Magness is on?

In 2015, I grafted Magness and Warren on Blake’s Pride (which is on OHxF 97).
Magness started fruiting in 2017 and every year since.
Warren- nothing including this year.

People having Warren on OHxF 87 reporting getting flowers in 2-3 years!!!

I may have gotten Magness flowers a bit before the 6 year mark, but not by much. Maybe a year.

Should have read your post more carefully :blush:

I planted 5 pears on OHxF 87 last year. We’ll how fast those varieties will produce.

So far, have not eaten Magness, some animals got to them two years in a row. Hopefully not this year.

I planted 2 OHxF 87 rootstocks in 2014 and grafted to them that spring. They’ve gotten decent sized and I think they may have had a few flowers last spring. I’ve been grafting more on them over the years, and the Asian pears definitely flower quicker. Some I grafted last spring already have flowers now.

I got a couple more OHxF 87 in 2015, which I grafted and kept in pots for a year before planting out at a rental in 2016. They have sized up, but no flowers yet…I think. I’m not going to drive over there at midnight to check :slight_smile:

I think starting from rootstock takes more patience that I have. Though now that I have so many things in progress, I don’t really notice some of them lagging a bit. But, if I was starting again, I wouldn’t be willing to wait. I guess the same goes for my red fleshed pear, though it would be a nice novelty if it ever produces.

Yes it was an old post from 2015 so that may have had something to do with the category. Thank you !

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I cannot open the link in your first post (2015).

What are the red fleshed pears you have grown?

My Frau graft is from the kind-hearted @BobVance.

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