Red fleshed pears

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Hope last year was kind to you and successes many on your projects. Been keeping up on your YouTube channel and website with what your up to

Never have seen a Red Flesh pear…but grafted one last spring…someday maybe I’ll get to see one.



Was that Joey’s red flesh?

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I tried a while back to find red fleshed pears. There is not many of them and most are perry pears.

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I was able to plant a summer blood brine last year. Does anyone have any red fleshed pear scions for sale this spring?

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@derekamills among others typically has red fleshed pear scions available. My concern was when i opened the website the pear section crashed. His email address is on there.
Hocking Hills Orchard Main Page!


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I’ve heard it’s the best but it’s going to take us some time to figure out if that’s true. Joey's red flesh pear -Top worked a harrow delight

I added it to the second strongest limb of a young Ayers…the Ayers might fruit this year if I let it, but being in a pot, might pinch the fruit. My pear grafts aren’t quite as high rate of success as apples…but it may just be me.

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I believe that @derekamills lists 14 red-fleshed pears in his most recent spreadsheet, which he’ll E-mail to you upon request.


How does the Summer Blood Birne taste?



I’m sorry I don’t know but maybe someone else can answer @derekamills.

Anybody know anything about this?


@Robert there is precious little information posted above from the usda data base. It is one I’m grafting with this year. Here is info about its origin before it came to the USA

" The blood pear, also called summer blood pear, garnet pear or sanguinole , is an old variety of pear ( Pyrus communis ). It was first mentioned in Germany in 1684, in France it is described as early as 1675. It is a pomological peculiarity because its flesh is peculiarly reddish marbled.

The trees, which are not very demanding in their location, form a pyramidal crown with hanging branches. They begin to bear very early and produce a large harvest. They are also suitable for orchards at higher altitudes .

The small fruits are spherical and ripen in mid-August to early September. The base color of the shell is light green, on the sunny side a reddish covering color forms. The taste is pleasantly sweet, but not very aromatic. They are suitable for fresh consumption and as a dried - and stewed fruit. However, the pear cannot be stored for long, it quickly becomes doughy.

supporting documents

This is the only current existing usda database of red fleshed pears. The usda is where the grower your purchasing from received the pear originally.
These red fleshed pears are exceedingly rare.
NCGR-Corvallis: Pyrus Catalog

Jan 1 to Dec 31 1966 see attached document with vague mention

The picture Raintree has came from the USDA database.

Sometimes when I want to find info about an ultra rare pear I go here LESCRETS FRUITS ET POMOLOGIE LA POIRE THE PEAR which is a trick i learned from @scottfsmith the owner of this website years ago.

This is very old and vague information with watercolors from Germany

  1. Synonyme

Die Blut Birn [Sickler]

  1. Sortenbeschreibungen aus historischen Büchern
  2. Fotos und Abbildungen
    blutbirne_pom_tn blutbirne_sic_tn

OK here is the thing I don’t like about the information I find sanguinole , Joey’s red flesh, summer bloodbirne are frequently used interchangeably. Perhaps they are same variety or considered the same because they are red fleshed pears. The thing about other languages is there are more differences than we know between ours and theirs. In the usda database at corvallis they were considered seperate. The only way we know more i think is our group is going to have to grow this pear and document our own information about it.

pi174_083.pdf (67.9 KB)


Not bad but not great, Verbelu is the best tasting, to me anyway, of the 14 different red fleshed pears we grow.



What year does Joey’s usually set fruit for you? Mine looks like it may produce but you know how that goes.

should by the third year, they are very vigorous trees

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This year i got a new red fleshed pear:

Karmozijn de Sonnaville
Karmozijn Pears Information and Facts (

Now i have: Lubenicarka, Sanguinole, Cocomerina and Karmozijn de Sonnaville.



That is a beautiful pear i can’t wait for the review on taste.


Thanks! This is a cooking variety but people say it’s great for that… :grin: