Red fleshed pears?

when do red fleshed pears become red fleshed? Are they red fleshed from the start? Or turn red when ripe? I have a verblu that made 2 fruits this year but neither were red fleshed inside did I pick them too un ripe or are some red fleshed pears just not that red?

Red fleshed apples tend to get redder the longer they hang and the ripper they get. I don’t have any experience with red fleshed pears, but I’d imagine it’s probably the same.

We grow 9 different red fleshed pears and Verbelu has the lightest color red flesh, very dependent on the growing season. But I think it is the best tasting of the red fleshed pears.

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I have joined just to ask this question:

What are those red fleshed varieties?

Do red fleshed pears taste any different? If so how?

they do not taste significantly different from non red fleshed pears as far as I tell but all pears taste different.

Sitting at an airport in Honolulu waiting to fly home but off the top of my head they are:
Summer Blood Birne
Rotlottig Frau Oster
Joey’s Red Flesh
And one more that escapes me

Derek Mills
Hocking Hills Orchard


Most of them are for pear jam or perry (pear cider) so a different flavor than most of our typical dessert pear varieties.

I make pear butter. Not sure those red fleshed ones would make good pear butter.

These are the red fleshed pear varities grown by the ARS GRIN program Verbelu should have an appearance similar to this one This is the full description

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TY for the links. I had never seen a red fleshed pear before. Looks interesting to try out.


The flavor is reportedly second rate but I bet they have their own redeeming qualities.

Probably true. I see the ones mentioned have a very short shelf life according to their description. I would be fine to have a branch or two of them grafted on a tree.

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This was an old post on red fleshed pears if anyone wants to read it Red fleshed pears

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Our biggest customers for red flashed pears are a group of Anish families who buy them for pear butter.

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odd my verblu looks nothing like that but it is very low chill and scab resistant not sure why its not red inside though.

It’s possible yours could be mislabeled if the fruit and leaves are not similar in appearance. If the outside of the fruit and leaves look similar never underestimate the weather in changing things like blush or flesh color somewhat. Do you have pictures of yours? Where did it come from? I’ve had several pears mislabeled through the years.

my fruit is similar shape but was green on the outside I only got two that I picked in september so they may have been unripe.

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Yes if the tree is young it may be to early to know what the fruit will be like yet. I’ve had pears produce several years of junk fruit before producing good pears that are normal taste so yours doing a similar thing is plausible.

Thank you for the reply! If you remember the other I would be very interested in it as well. Not to hound you, but where did you source your scion material from? Besides novelty, do you feel the red flesh contributes anything to the pear, similar to the flavoring notes that red fleshed apples have?